Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami affects on Humboldt Bay.

Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District CEO David Hull said there was no significant damage to Humboldt Bay but neighboring harbors in Brookings, Crescent City and Noyo all reported extensive damage. Crescent City and Brookings are so severely damaged that we are now receiving approximately 38 vessels from those ports at Humboldt Bay.

David complemented the Humboldt District staff on doing a great job today of implementing our emergency operations procedures and working with the vessels from other ports. They worked from about 1am until the advisories were called off.

David reported an interesting experience today as the bay experienced water level fluctuations of as much as 5’ over a 10 minute period and a complete “tide” cycle in as little as 20 minutes. This cycle was repeated approximately 10 times between 8AM and 5PM. Interesting information.

(The photos are before and after of Banda Aceh Shore, Indonesia.)


Kym said...

Thanks for the information!

Anonymous said...

Richard, your election to the harbor district has clearly been a godsend. Thanks to you, single-handedly, we were prepared. The damage is a basically nonexistent. Thank you for your hard work.

Rose said...

Before and After shots of Japan at the link, move the cursor/bar across the photo to see the before and after - it's interactive

Christopher said...

Hey Richard. Thanks for the update! All I knew before reading this was that there were easily more than a dozen surges in my marina throughout the course of the day. It was bizarre waking up on my boat to the Tsunami siren way out in Samoa sounding at 3 in the morning and later at 5 to a neighbor knocking on my door screaming at me to go to high ground. I forgot how much I love sleep! How did you weather this panic clear out there in Samoa? I was prepared to ride it out on my boat and you had your surfboard! haha

skippy said...

Thank You:

Agencies, Richard, Supervisor Lovelace, Sheriff Downey, Tsunami Siren, Cooridnators, and 911 People, Red Cross, Emergency Services, Volunteers, Law Enforcement, Radio and Media Folks, and Everyone else.

My apologies if yours truly didn't mention you by name not knowing all-- but YOU know who you are!

Anonymous said...

Excellent timing on your part Richard to install the warning sirens.

Anonymous said...

Richard had nothing to do with the sirens or keeping people safe. He is trying to take credit for something he wasn't involved in. Typical Republican politician.

What has been Richards big accomplishment on the Harbor Commission?? Anyone?

Richard said...

7:52am-Actually the sirens have been the topic of meetings of the Samoa Peninsula Fire District, which I am a Director. For this Tsunami, I stayed on the Peninsula and called people in Fairhaven, Finntown and Samoa and made sure people were off the Peninsula. So you do not know what you are talking about.

As far as my work on the Harbor Commission, I wouldn't dare take total credit for any accomplishments that have happened since I took office 1 year ago. But the Harbor Commissioners have made great strides as far as commerce and helping with the process of permiting expansion of aquaculture on the bay, going forward with a kayak trail around the bay, helping with the process for the Maritime Highway, finishing the breakwater project at Shelter Cove, helping dock owners with the air quality process permits around the bay, upgrading video equipment for public access and transparency and I did write numerous rough drafts of the union contract that is now a 3 year agreement between the Longshoremen Union and the District. We have lots to do to make the Harbor work, I am just one of five that gets things done.

Last Year I served as Secretary of the Commission and was elected Vice Chair this year. It's not like I have been sitting on my hands.

I am a lifelong Democrat. You are a anonymous hating wiener.