Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Former Humboldt County resident sightings!

Robin and I went to Goodyear yesterday and watched the Reds against the A's. The A's won. Coco Crisp looks good, and Brett Anderson looks ready to pitch opening day. Red's Reliever Chapman was dealing though. Robin and I were sitting behind scouts right behind home plate with radar guns and Chapman was throwing 100 mph!

Saw former Arcata high sport stars Bob Mcrea and Jeff Menefee. Bob is living in Sparks and Jeff in Redding. Bob loves the Reno area and says he does not miss the mold. Bob has played no softball for 7 years now. Still probably has hundreds of more Home Runs than most.

Robin and I are staying at the base of the Camelback Mountain a few blocks away from downtown Scottsdale.


rick mitchell said...

Well,How was the Buffet??

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Coco Crisp tastes as good as he looks.

Anonymous said...

Blessed are the children of the Lord, who walk in the path of the light. Jesus is the one true way to salvation. Do not dabble in idolatry or false self deceiving manners. Walk a true path, in the light of the the lord, our God.

Anonymous said...

What the f...?????