Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Call out for CO-ED Softball players! Eureka City Hall 6pm!

The Eureka City Council will be deciding tonight on whether to reinstate the adult softball program. City staff is recommending a 28% increase in fees to cover costs. There is no plan at this time to include CO-ED softball. So I am asking all players who are interested in Softball to show up tonight at Eureka City Hall 531 K st at 6pm and when the subject comes up for softball, say your comments!


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd seen this before the meeting, instead of this morning. I'd have gone and told them that they need to do some work on those horrible fields.

Richard said...

I let them know that the Eureka City Staff needs to take a field trip to Arcata. I also let them know their fields are dangerous.

Your old 3rd baseman said...

Any chance of rounding up volunteers to help in any way? I don't know if it's worth the effort at Cooper Gulch but perhaps we could do something to make Kennedy and Hartman more playable.

skippy said...

Richard, you and the Crew did a fine job of representing before the Eureka City Council from my observation. You covered all the bases, made some fine pitches, and hit a home run outta the park.

Thank you.
peace... skips

(Hope some of you can get Barry 'the Bat' Scarpellino back, playing, and sponsoring... he's thinking about it. Umpire Chris 'Crispy' Petersen is getting moldy and plump benched on the sidelines for some time, too. You know, they both need more work to do.)