Thursday, March 17, 2011

More oil related questions. Were we better car makers 30 years ago? 20?

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) is huge subject for carmakers of all sizes. New federal requirements set to take effect for the 2016 model year require a fleet average of 35.5 mpg. As the deadline nears, which American car company can do as well as they did 30 Years ago? Here is the best gas mileage vehicles made by US companies in 1981 and earlier that topped the 2016 mandate.

1. Chevy Luv pickup 53 MPG Highway 40 City
2. Dodge Omni 50 MPG Highway 30 City
3. Plymouth Horizon 50 MPG Highway 30 City
4. Ford Escort 44 MPG Highway 28 City
5. Dodge Colt 41 MPG Highway 31 City

And there were many imports that were in compliance with the 2016 Mandate.

Even 20 years ago we had an ample American supply of cars that fit the 2016 mandate.

1. Chevy Sprint 50 MPG Highway 45 City
2. Pontiac Firefly 50 MPG Highway 45 City
3. Ford Fesitva 42 MPG Highway 35 City
4. Ford Escort 41 MPG Highway 31 City
5. Pontiac Lemans 40 MPG Highway 31 City

So why all the whinning and crying by US car producers? They don't have the technology to improve on what they have already proven they can do? In 1982 there were 18 makes of cars that got 50 MPG on the Highway or better!


Rose said...

My Honda CRX got 55 MPG on trips. Fun to drive too. Lightweight, low dray co-efficient, special suspension for cornering, and inexpensive to buy.

Anonymous said...

How many of those pieces of crap are still on the road today. I want a car that will last.

Anonymous said...

Did you take those car pictures out at Samoa? I think many of those cars (some up on blocks, or half wrecked)can be found out on peoples front lawn areas. Apparently they are good on the gas mileage but they're also fun to smoke glass in.

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are just bogus. Wherever you got them from is just wrong, I'd like to see your source because theres plenty on the net that disagrees. No car back then got anywhere close to 50 mpg.

I once had a Ford Falcon, it got around 26 mpg and had terrible performance to boot. VW bugs in the mid 60's got around 36 mpg, again with terrible performance. Not to mention the much higher levels of pollution all those cars put out.

Anon.R.mous said...

Blame Ralph Nader.

No really.

Highway Safety has increased the weight of cars so much, they take that much more fuel to move around.

CRX HF was barely over 1500 pounds. Most Civics today are close to 4000 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Howe dare you say that all the people of Samoa are smoking glass. How dare you paint an entire community with such a broad brush. Some of us do angel dust.

Rose said...

Yep the CRX was very lightweight - and it got up to 40 around town, usually 37, never less.

And you could fit skis and gear inside, believe it or not.

Best car in the world.

Anonymous said...

Most of those cars you listed were built in Japan and one or two in Korea. The Ford Escort, at some time, was built in Mexico. Most of these cars were complete pieces of junk. I highly doubt the Chevy Luv got the mileage you quoted, most likely 20mpg less at best. The best of your list was probably the Dodge Colt (very small), but built by Mitsubishi. None of these cars would meet EPA or safety standards today. I'm 53, my first car was a '73 Beetle, next was a '72 Datsun 510, onto a 'new '76 bright orange Datsun B-210, to a '78 Toyota Corolla. The Toy was listed at the best MPG with it's 1200cc motor at 48mpg. But it was very small and very gutless on the highway, especially hills. I'll take my '08 Nissan Titan with it's V-8 any day over all those cars. Yep, and I'll pay for the gas, my choice.

Anon.R.mous said...

I'd also like to point out the Firefly was never sold in the US, and the LUV was a diesel that wouldn't even come close to passing emissions today.

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are bullshit.

samoasoftball said...

Check out the stats.

Anonymous said...

Very intereresting reading. thx