Wednesday, August 05, 2009

UBC to the Pulp Mill's rescue?

The United Brotherhood of Carpenter's has taken on a new project; lobbying for investors for Freshwater Tissue. The UBC has been in contact with perspective investor's and will be a liaison in a potential meeting with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Simpson. The process is being fast tracked by the UBC and has full support of the California Carpenter's. Local 751 Field Representative Marianne Hassler has been doing her best in gathering all the right people together. This all came about after AWPPW President John Rhodes and VP Greg Pallesen meet with UBC representatives and asked for help. So there is still hope out there.


Anonymous said...

Good. Maybe the United Brotherhood of Carpenter's coming on board may help to dispel rumors that this is some form of a scam.

Getting help from Sacramento isn't bad either. About time that they recognize the loss of these middle class jobs have on the economy as a whole, along with tax revenues generated from the mill itself.

Would be great to see this all come together and work out for the community.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the Portland AWPPW officials involved as well in trying to make this a go.

jmc said...

I think that Freshwater Tissue should have a Blog. Then we would not get information third hand.

Anonymous said...

A business isn't run to provide taxes and jobs. It is run to make a profit and if they cannot establish how they will do that then there will be no mill. Do you think that Sac. is going to provide them 400 million in guaranteed money? If this thing is viable then they shouldn't have a problem finding investors. Is UBC offering up the money since they are "coming to the rescue"?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps then, you would rather the mill operation just rust and eventually whither away along with those jobs and tax revenues which it once provided for the north coast region?

Obviously, any such operation does need to show a profit in order to just survive in today's global markets.

Thus, maybe then, these individuals are just wasting their time and effort for the community.

There are probably other ample comparible jobs in the area which pay similar wages and benefits.

Anonymous said...

The mill operation won't just wither away, its already done that and stopped. Thats after multiple owners who lost money in the end. Just like the Northwest Pacific railroad.

You could easily say that any discontinued economic enterprise should be restarted simply because at one time it was successful. Yeah ! Let restart TWA, Pan Am, American Motors, Zenith television, and K&E slide rules. Just because something once was, is no justification for it to continue.

Got news for your personally too. You're going to die someday and just because you were once alive it would be stupid for people to try to bring you back. No matter how nice you once were.

Anonymous said...

"Good. Maybe the United Brotherhood of Carpenter's coming on board may help to dispel rumors that this is some form of a scam."...Huh?...oh, that's right, it's really unlikely that anything underhanded or scam-like could ever come out of union activities.

pooper said...

"SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!" Four Hundred Million dollars,Add that onto the state budget???? The state doesn't have an extra four hundred dollars little lone four mill, get real...


employee # 13260
( Just in case Mr. Simpson wants to know who is writing this)

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone would rather people don't have jobs. But, by the same token, business are not welfare nor are they there to enrich the govt. If there is a business plan that shows how this plant will be a vaible, profitable business long-term there will be plenty of investors. If it is a pipe dream it will not. What we want or feel is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...


I am very grateful for the support received from the Carpenter's Union, John Rhodes and Greg Palleson. We are equally appreciative for the support received from environmental NGO's, and each of the supporters mentioned in our business support section.

Our vision is Red, White, Blue & Green. Whether you are a Union worker, an environmental advocate, a politician, a banker, or a grocer, we must work together to stop the exportation of jobs and pollution to developing countries.

Freshwater believes it is irresponsible to export pollution to developing countries and pretend we have some how protected the environment! The economic consequences of this prolonged action are increased unemployment and declining family income.

With all due respect to citizens of foreign countries, we choose to protect the Coastal Redwood Region, utilize coastal redwood forest residuals, provide family wage jobs, employ U.S. citizens, eliminate pollution, and consume eco-friendly U.S. manufactured toilet paper.

Political leaders, whether you are democrat, republican or green party members, you were elected to represent the citizens of California and the best interests of the United States. I encourage you to show leadership by dropping partisan politics, saving U.S. jobs, while protecting our environment.

Bob Simpson

Anonymous said...

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