Wednesday, August 12, 2009

John Ash saves Samoasoftball a bundle! Humboldt Dems holding out endorsements.

Today was the last day to file for candidacy in the 4th District Harbor race. John Ash paid for a candidates statement so that cuts my statement fee in half! Saves me $500. I am sure this is drop in the bucket for John, but substantial for me.

We had a lively Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee meeting tonight. We voted in 5 new associate members! When the subject of endorsement came up, HBHR&CD 5th District commissioner Patrick Higgins asked for an endorsement for 3rd District commissioner Mike Wilson. And the debate began on whether to endorse one Democrat over another in a spirited but respectful manner. The committee wants to hear both candidates in September, and will make a decision whether to endorse. So we shall see.

Talk about crappy timing to ask for an endorsement on my part. There was a first and second on the floor to endorse me, but after the hot debate concerning the 3rd district race, Shane Brinton motioned to table the subject in September on behalf of Mike Winkler. (Must have been my rooting for the Steelhead over the Crab's last weekend.) So I will have to wait until Septembers meeting also. (This really is the fair thing to do on behalf of Susan Penn, a fellow Democrat running for the position.)


Rose said...

You know what is going to happen, don't you?

I have a bet going. And I will win it.

Anonymous said...

Ash is looking good.

Heraldo said...

Winkler is running?

Shane said...

Winkler is an HCDCC member. He made me his proxy while he is out of town. He asked me to make a motion to table the decision until the next meeting. I support Richard's candidacy, but I don't have a problem with putting the endorsement off for a month. I wanted to respect Michael's wishes.

Heraldo said...

Thanks for the clarification.

Rose said...

They're going to stiff you again.

Anonymous said...

Ash is smelling good.

Anonymous said...

Ash is smelling good.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem I have. I am trying not to be pissed off with Higgins, but talk about an end run. What the hell is he doing trying to get the HCDCC to endorse on the very day that statements would be due? This is wrong, anti-democratic and just plain utter bullshit.

In a race where you have several dems I really wish that there would be support for all of the candidates and the board should not be annointing the "chosen" one. Come on now, someone there actually would think that Hauser isn't a good enough dem to be on the Harbor Commission? Or that a long time dem like Richard who knows what it is like to work hard may not be the social climber that Ash is?

Nope, it wouldn't be right.

Rambo said...

Has Dennis said who he is endorsing as his replacement?

Anonymous said...

Dennis is a good hair guy. Does that help ?

Anonymous said...


Isn't it a little early to start pulling partisan politics into the mix in a non-partisan race.

I know you're still chafing about the supes anti-endorsement from the Dems last time.

Some advice, don't put your eggs in a party basket, it's community issue, sunny side up.

You have a lot going for you. John Ash is a good man too. Let's make it on the merits and not on the Wilson/Higgins car crash style of leadership.

Rambo said...

Anon 5:52, it doesn't help at all. I live 400 miles away, way to far to see their hair.

Rose said...

The Democratic Central Committee is NOT a PAC.

They are supposed to be there to assist DEMOCRATS who run for office - with advice, bulk mail permits, etc. You can think of a million ways they can help ALL Democratic Party candidates who choose to run.

Instead, this one is being used, not to play favorites, but as an arm of the "Progressives."

They will tell candidates to come in and be "interviewed" as if they might get the HCDCC's 'endorsement' just the same way "Local Solutions" did. But minds are already made up.

Funny, but I think Dan Hauser has served the Democratic Party well. A successfully elected candidate and long serving public servant. If you are going to endorse one Democrat over another, which you should not, it should certainly be Hauser - not only because of the institutional knowledge and experience he brings to the table, but for his years of making you look good.

Jill Geist was also.

You need to take a long hard look at what the HCDCC has been doing and decide if that is really the path you want to keep going down.

And, Richard, you are likely to bear the brunt of it again. But EVEN IF YOU DON'T you have a responsibility to make sure they treat all Democrat candidates with respect, and with support.

And remember - this is a NON-PARTISAN position.

IMHO Let "Loco Solutions" and the "Alliance for Ethical Business" endorse their own candidates. be honest about who they are.

Rose said...

Correction - IS being used to play favorites

Heraldo said...

Rose: Defender of Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Richard once told me that there is no such thing as a "non-partisan" election.

Greg said...

You're not gonna take the politics out of politics. HCDCC endorsements require a 2/3 vote. If you want an endorsement, get the roster and start calling people. If you want to block an endorsement, get the roster and start calling people. It only takes one-third +1, seven or eight votes, to prevent HCDCC from endorsing a candidate.

The HCDCC has every right to endorse in non-partisan races. Non-partisan means "not of the party", meaning that a non-partisan election is held outside of the party primary system. Non-partisan does not mean political parties are not allowed to endorse candidates.

HCDCC seems to be doing the right thing, though an early endorsement sure makes it easier for a candidate. Committee members and candidates both need time to get acquainted with one another before endorsement votes take place.

Rose, your spin has a new slant, but it's still predictable Republican whining. I don't see anyone fighting over the county Republican endorsement. Frustrating though it can be, the Democratic Party is the best hope for democracy, which is the best way to assure peace and prosperity for future generations. You do believe in majority rule? Don't you?

Never mind. The sun's out. Enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

What a condescending ass you are, Greg.

Show me one bit of "spin" Rose posted with her last post.

"Republican Whining"? Nice, Greg; pointing out that Dan Hauser and Jill Duffy have been hosed by the very apparatus that is there to support them is now "Republican Whining"???

I am a registered Dem, Greg, and I pretty much agree with everything she posted, though most time i find myself with a political view 180 degrees from her.

I am still shaking my head that someone as bright as you continually defends the HCDCC, especially after the way they treated Richard Marks in the last supervisorial go 'round. Supporting Neely was the last straw in my book, especially when there was a competent Dem in the reace. Instead they treated him like crap.

samoasoftball said...

Yes. I have made the comment that all local non-partisan elections are actually partisan. It is my observation, not my doing.

I will run on my merits, but I also realize the importance of endorsements in an campaign.

Anonymous said...

1:28, Neely is now a Democrat, "just like you".

Anonymous said...


Neely was not a democrat (just like me) in the last election when she ran against Rich Marks and Nancy Flemming.

Nice try though.

Anonymous said...

Unlike me (oops! I was and remain a dem)

Greg said...

No offense meant to Rose with my "spin" comment. Fact is, HCDCC endorsements have meant a great deal to local candidates the past few years. As a result there has been a chorus of comments like "no fair" and "parties have no place endorsing in non-partisan races", usually from people who are not eligible for the Democratic endorsement (Republicans, mostly) which is the "spin" I was talking about.

It's a good idea to know what it takes to get the endorsement or to at least keep your opponent(s) from getting the endorsement. That's why I posted the information above. HCDCC is not a PAC, but can and does endorse candidates and donate money to campaigns.

Anon, I didn't mean to talk down to anyone. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Good enough, Greg. I appreciate your response.

I think the biggest shortcoming of these blogs is that we (and of course I include myself in the collective we) interpret posts in ways entirely diferent than the spirit in which they were posted.

I apologize for calling you an ass. In fact I was an ass for calling you one.

I wish the conversations and debates could be more civil without any of us stooping to namecalling, or reacting to supposed slights and then responding with both barrels. Its a problem that
'the internets' have yet to resolve.