Monday, August 04, 2008

Arts Alive! Remember Rob Colivas? SAC finishes 2nd.

Robin and I went Arts Alive on Saturday. Liked the art work done by Ruth Jamison. Robin saw a piece she may buy soon. Had a drink with Eureka Mayor Virgina Bass and her husband Matt there at the new bar and grill in Old Town across from Hurricane Kate's. (Starts with an O?) Frank Jager came by and said hi. Had a person come up to me and asked if I recognize him. Then he did the worst thing you could do, he wanted me to guess. I had no clue. It was Robert Colivas. I have seen his brother Sam through the years, but I was not able to put it together. I played softball, basketball and flag football with Robert back in the late 70's. He did not look the same. He had that 70's type poofy hair in back when and did not wear glasses. He was able to name our softball line-up of M & D Auto back then (Robert and his brother Sam, Sam Skillman, Mark Smith, Mike Robinson, Kurt Brungart, Mike Gomes, Mike Carroll, Frank Spicka, Ed Fregoso, Loren Price, Andy Lameroux and me of course.) Robert was hanging out in old town with Tom Corder and Richard Rummell from the EHS class of 77'. They have all moved away but said they are meeting up with each other each August, and old town was their venue of the day. How embarrassing!

Steve Coppini hosted the Wildwood Days Softball Tournament in Scotia this last weekend as a fund-raiser for the Rio Dell Fire Department. The field was great and the weather better! The last time there was a men's softball tournament at Scotia, the trains were still running! So it has been at least a decade. Samoa Athletic Club made it to the Championship game but lost 36-14 to Drink/R-Co. Ouch! We beat 12 pack by throwing out the tying run at the plate in the bottom of the seventh, and then advanced to the championship game by scoring the winning run with 2 out in the seventh against the Fortuna Bombers, so we had a good tournament. (I was on base over half my at bats, but still consider mired in slump.)

Something always happens at a tourney that I have not witnessed before. This time Joe Auseillo scored from third on a pop up to the catcher and then later in the day scored on a pop up to the pitcher! He also threw the runner out at the plate to end one game. Dave Damme was hit a few times hard up the middle while pitching. I am sure he is wearing bruises today. I over ran a fly ball by Steelheads player Jimmy Smith by about 10 feet in the outfield. Comedy relief. Robin wanted to know if it was a inside the park home run or a 4 base error. I let her know I didn't touch it, so no error! I have no brakes anymore. Kelly Miller, Matt Dusel and Eric Bess were also out there messing up their hardball swings. Tim Hunt may have had the longest Home Run of the weekend. Either Dusel or Smith had the most.

Next weekend is the Big League Dreams tourney. Anyone out there wants to play, call me!


Anonymous said...

Word on the streets of Scotia. Drink was still batting with no outs when SAC mercy ruled themselves.


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Anonymous said...

Corder still lives here. Corder Realty.

Carol said...

I know what you mean by not remembering people people from the past. I am studying my high school yearbooks, trying to remember everyone. Our class has a website, where people are posting their pictures on it. Hopefully, I will be able to know who people are when we go to my 30th reunion.