Monday, July 28, 2008

Polly Endert vs Linda Atkins? Left vs Right Part 2?

Current Eureka Councilmember Polly Endert from the 2nd Ward, has not officially announced her intention for this coming November election. She has formed a committee (North Coast Journal) so I assume she will throw her hat in the ring. I wonder who is on her committee?

Polly will have a challenge from Linda Atkins if decides to retain her position. Linda is a Democrat and past union member. Haven't heard her vision for Eureka yet. She seems to be hanging on the coattails of 4th Ward hopeful George Clark HighBoldtage.

Any other potential candidates for the 2nd Ward? I get the feeling this will be another very partisan election.


Carol said...

Has Linda attended an HCDCC meeting, Richard?

Anonymous said...

now we will here what great volunteers to the community they have been but no one has heard their name except for Georges rants against the police watch him come out and be pro police and the marina center.

samoasoftball said...

Carol: I don't know. I do know she was at the HCDCC chicken by the sea helping in the kitchen.

3:21pm I am aware that there are many great community volunteers that do their work low profile.

Anonymous said...

You can bet that Polly will get support from the major developers, including Kramer and other Arkley pawns, if not from Rob himself.

unafilliated said...

What has Polly done, exactly? I think nothing is the answer. She is riding on Virginia's coattails.

But is she the laziest of all the council members? No. That title goes to Mike Jones. Is he really only 50? What an old fart (and he's younger than me).

Anonymous said...

"What has Polly done, exactly"

Besides being a mother of three, and a business woman she is a city council member who sits and listens to people like you, ad nauseum, who think to be effective you have to "do something".

Doing something, as an elected official, usually means you are trying to micro manage the freedoms of others i.e. working on a building ordinance, zoning ordinance or banning outside businesses from coming in, etc...not to mention the issue of telling you what you can and cannot do with your property.

What you hope for in a city elected official is someone who will listen to the pertinent issues brought before them and act in a reasonable way to move the city forward and not back to the stone age.

Polly does that and has shown she can think, which I have heard Linda Atkins is not so good at.

Please don't forget Polly was appointed after being vetted by a committee headed up by Kuhnel and other "progressive types".

She was the choice from 7 or 8 candidates and picked by the committee so riding on the Mayor's coattails is just another cyberspace myth.

As for her being in the pocket of some developer or Rob Arkley, get over yourself.

If she gets donations from them how is that different from the "progressives" being subsidized by Miller and Pierson who have their own agendas and grinding axes?

BTW, how is that working for the regressive "progressives"?

Let the games begin!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's really a mover and shaker. Must be the only mother of three in the city.

Anonymous said...

If she received contributions from Arkley/Kramer/Devloper Row then you better believe that she'll be kind to their agenda

Anonymous said...

12:29pm-Polly has not even officially announced yet. No Arkley money. Arkley has not been giving out huge contributions to local candidates these last few elections. That is a myth. Now huge money being funneled into left wing liberal candidates by Miller and Pierson has been well documented.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap

mresquan said...

"which I have heard Linda Atkins is not so good at."

Anxiously awaiting for anon7:50am to explain that in a bit more detail.
So,I guess you are right "let the games begin".Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

The entire city council sucks. Larry Glass, the old hippie, is now the biggest supporter of the police, after he spent most of his life trying to avoid them. Go figure.

Mike Buettner said...

Larry has become the most respectable of Council members. He stands alone as the most committed to doing his job. Can't say the same for Polly. She seems less informed and sort of looking for a direction to follow.

Anonymous said...

She just follows the mayor's lead.

Carson Park Ranger said...

"But is she the laziest of all the council members? No. That title goes to Mike Jones."

What's the point of nasty comments like this?
I'm glad that people are willing to run and serve.

Anonymous said...

Mike Jones may not be "an old fart," but he is a sourpuss. In being a sourpuss, he is living out the tradition pioneered by that now-deceased old joker who used to own a gas station and complain about people who didn't like paying his ever-rising prices. His dirty looks, at Council meetings or anywhere else, would peel paint right off the wall. Mike Jones and he were made in the same mold.

Anonymous said...

Stop the Presses!
Carson Park Ranger opposes Nasty Comments!
Film at Eleven!

Anonymous said...

Lovelace donation request a concern in 2nd District

By NATHAN RUSHTON, The Eureka Reporter
Published: Aug 2 2008, 12:15 AM
Category: Local News

When 3rd District Supervisor-elect Mark Lovelace sent a letter to his supporters thanking them for their help in electing him as the Arcata-area representative to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, it didn’t raise any eyebrows.

But when the letter dated July 14 went on to thank the political action committee Local Solutions for its help in his successful effort in the June 3 Primary Election and asked for donations for them, some people in the 2nd District were concerned.

“Local Solutions has been actively involved in many local grassroots campaigns in the past, and is currently engaged in the upcoming November election for Humboldt County 2nd District Supervisor,” Lovelace’s letter states. “Their innovated resources can be developed further to better serve future campaigns, but only with our help.”

Lovelace said it wasn’t the intent of the letter to support 2nd District Candidate Clif Clendenen, who has been helped with in-kind donations already from Local Solutions, nor was he trying to persuade his supporters to do the same.

“My letter isn’t asking to support any particular candidate,” Lovelace said, and added he doesn’t intend to endorse anyone in the 2nd District race.

As someone who helped on Lovelace’s campaign, Local Solutions board member Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap is aware of the letter, which she said is a non-issue with regard to Clendenen.

“We’re seeking support to elect progressive candidates into office.” Sopoci-Belknap said.

Sopoci-Belknap said the letter seeks support for all of the group’s activities in many upcoming elections and that contributions received aren’t specifically earmarked for the Clendenen.

In contrast to a traditional political action committee, which she said is typically an entity that raises money for candidates, Sopoci-Belknap said Local Solutions provides campaigning infrastructure and voter outreach resources for progressive candidates.

And it’s not cash that Local Solutions provides, which she said isn’t likely to change.

But incumbent 2nd District Supervisor Johanna Rodoni, who is staging a write-in campaign to keep the seat she was appointed to hold until January following her husband’s death in April, has a different take on Lovelace’s letter.

Rodoni said she believes Lovelace, as a supervisor-elect, is actively trying to influence the outcome of the race of a sitting supervisor, which she finds ethically troublesome.

“I am extremely disappointed that Lovelace would use these tactics to stack the board balance to further his agenda,” Rodoni said.

Clendenen, who has received $479.61worth of non-monetary donations of phone bank and walking list data from Local Solutions this year — a similar amount Lovelace received — said Friday the PAC is similar to a service provider or an ad agency.

“I think of them as part of the palate of people you need to use to run a campaign,” Clendenen said.

Second District Candidate Estelle Fennell indicated in an e-mail response that her campaign is aware that Local Solutions is helping manage Clendenen.

“I am an independent candidate whose issues and platform are shaped by the people of the 2nd District whose input I value and have sought throughout my campaign,” Fennell stated. “I understand that being a good district representative means having the trust and confidence of all segments of the community and working hard on their behalf.”

(Nathan Rushton can be reached at, or at 707-269-7442.)

samoasoftball said...

Pretty risky for Lovelace to put his neck out like this. It almost appears he supports Clif. But, I do know many candidates use the services in one way or another of Local Solutions. Mark publically said he was making no endorsement in the 2nd. I will take it at that.

Shane said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovelace aside, it's now obvious that Local Solutions backs Clif. I don't think Fortuna voters knew much about this connection in June. It may sour a few on his candidacy. Fortunans generally do not appreciate interference, most righteously from Arcata liberals.

Anonymous said...

How did we ever get anything done before we started using the word "vetted?"

Anonymous said...

The lack of real clout present in "Loco Solutions" will be evident when Kaitlin gets her ass handed to her in November, as if their defeats in Eureka elections in '06 weren't proof enough. Well that's what they get for bringing in brainwashed droids like Kaitlin and dumping real experienced pols like Michael Twombly.

Anonymous said...

Just exactly what is a Progressive? What is the "political agenda" they bring? Just where does a candidate's "political agenda" fit in with the needs of all Eureka citizens without excluding many? Does their political agenda serve the citizens of Eureka or the Progressive Party?? Candidates who can't stand on their own good name, merit, and good works are the ones who desparately need a political agenda because they lack basic reason and common sense and essentially have nothing to offer. Why is it so important to label all candidates? Why is it that if "you don't agree with everything I say" then you must be right leaning?? Why is it important to divide people in this way? Why is it important to run on a political agenda and not on the Issues Themselves? Wouldn't a candidate have to answer to his/her political camp? Again, how is that beneficial for the citizens of Eureka? How can that candidate not be beholdened to their "camp"? Tough questions with obvious answers. Political agendas are the "my way or the highway" approach and that will get nothing done on city council. The citizens of Eureka are sick of that and are seeing a vast improvement with the current council- they work more in concert together, and they are a diverse group. Why do we need a Radical departure from that? After all, they unanimously and graciously allowed Lil' Chrissie to go work on the successful and highly acclaimed Edwards campaign. If that doesn't say "team" as far the council goes, I don't know what does. Or, we can have political agendas, fighting, whining, divisiveness, and stalemate. Hmmmm, just what the city of Eureka needs right now.