Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oregon ASA Softball State Championships! SAC invited and not doing well. Seen my niece and nephew so worth the drive!

The Samoa Athletic Club softball team is playing in the ASA Oregon state championships. We were allowed because we had no jurisdiction boundaries. Good news is I have had a hit in each game we played. Bad news is we lost all three games. We have been assigned a "C" league status which means we played State 19th ranked "Drinking Devils" of Oregon and they beat us 11-1. Then we faced " RV Holiday" from Medford who are ranked 8th in the state, and they beat us 7-4. Our last game of the day was ranked Grants Pass team, "The Swarm" whom beat us 12-9. The last two tourneys we have played we have placed 3rd and 4th. So this is not a good start.

Great news is that I was able to see my niece Colleen and nephew Darrell between games. I have not been up this way in over a decade! My great nieces and nephews are nearly adults! Wow. Time flies. It was great to see them all! The last time Colleen saw me play softball I had the number 00 on my shirt. She yelled "Go Double Zero! Go you big nothing!" Funny. All the kids and stuff were beautiful.

Medford has given me inspiration for some topics! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Glad you "seen" your neice and nephew. Were Ellie-Mae and Jed there too? Did you swim in the cement pond? Shirley Mace must n=be rolling over in her grave about now.

julie said...

It seems that you have enjoyed the game, though you have not won the game. Hope you felt very happy seeing your niece and nephew. It seems to be a great experience.


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