Sunday, July 06, 2008

HCDCC 4th of July Booth crazy! SAC places 3rd in Yuba. Old man Marks makes 2 outs in one inning!

Robin and I attended the 4th of July events in Eureka and Arcata. The Eureka fair looked well dogs! I did not know you had to have your Rottweiler present to go. We then went to the Arcata event, where Robin and I were to man the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee Booth. Shane Brinton helped out and we registered a ton of people! We were pretty much slammed most of the time. We also engaged in much debate with passersby. It was fun banter mostly. No Republican booths in either venues.

Since my tournament in Weaverville was canceled, the R-co softball team I play on in Eureka decided to play in Yuba City on Saturday. We lost our first game (Never a good idea on the road) in the bottom of the 7th inning. We won our next game in the bottom of the 7th and seemed to have our bats going I started out 5-6 and was on base 6 out of my first 7 at bats, so I was feeling pretty good about the day. Then we had a wild game against one of the local teams and went through 12 batters in one inning. I was the first and third out. I can never remember doing that before. I hope to never do it again. The silver lining is that we won 24-20. We finished 3rd. I think the heat really took it out of us. If we won that first game, I think we could have won this tourney. The tournament director thought we had a "scrappy" team. I am over 50. My players would say my game is not scrappy, but it rhymes with it.


Anonymous said...

It was a terrific street fair but I , too, was appalled at the number of dogs on leashes just made for people to trip over. The later it got in the days, the more crowded it got, and the more hassle the poor dogs created. I vote for no dogs next year. I have a dog and it didn't ruin my day to leave her home.

Youth and Adult Sports said...

Richard, I stumbled onto your blog as I read my friend's blog sometimes (Redheaded Blackbelt,if you are familiar with her's). Anyways, just wanted to remind of our softball tourney down here in Ukiah on July 19 and 20. Hopefully you can make it this year.

email me if want to get a team in the tourney: