Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bonnie Neely votes no on Redevelopment?

Bonnie Neely, the champion of affordable housing through the creation of a Redevelopment agency in Humboldt County, votes no on continuing the process. What gives. The same person that has been pro-Redevelopment, who has been answering questions and lobbying for almost a year, is now saying it is a bad process. Yes, this is the process she has been over-seeing as chair. Yes, the one she has been lobbying on as the save all for the counties woes. If she had seen enough flaws in the process, why didn't she stop it months ago! She could have saved Humboldt County $500,000! Enough to pay all the County Supervisor's wages for over a year! Instead of standing up in the Supervisor's chambers and saying, "Redevelopment is for the good for the people of Humboldt county, and I am disappointed that the process has been stopped!" She took the easy way out and voted with the majority because of the public pressure and the fear of backlash at the polls. Sad that you can't stand up for you personal beliefs just to get re-elected. Oh, and for the record, I publicly chastised the process in the same chamber for it's inconsistencies 6 months ago! It should been stopped long ago. Thank you Roger Rodoni for saving us future tax dollars by ending this boondoggle. (You may have been able to do this earlier if the "horse you knew" didn't buck you off.)


Eric V. Kirk said...

Good points, all of them.

mresquan said...

I agree in part.But,I don't know that it's safe to say she solely kept the process going.Rodoni was the only one adamately opposed(oh,maybe Jill Geist,but not as much) from the get go.I even had a conversation about 3 months ago with Jimmy Smith ,when he asked me to go to a meeting on the plan in Fields Landing.He told me that he was against the plan in its current form,but with a few revisions he would be behind it.I never personally talked to Wooley about it,but I think he was on that page as well.Did Bonnie say no now to boost her in the polls?Maybe,but everyone following this knows that she was a prime mover for it here regardless if she eventually said no or yes in the end.I guess what I'm getting at is $500,000 was wasted no matter if the vote was 4-1 or 5-0.I don't think that she can solely be blamed for the process continuing.The rest of the board could have killed it months back if they wanted to. But,I'm just glad it was put to rest.It needed so much work.

mresquan said...

And Richard,a while back during your campaign,during a public comment period,I asked that the board give all updated information,basically all information that they had collected,on the proposed plan to each candidate running in the primary.Just curious if they gave you anything.

Anonymous said...

Although Bonnie Neely has done a commendable job in some aspects of her elected office, it's probably time to have her step aside from the supervisors seat. There are many other committees and organizations she can lend a hand to. Perhaps it's time for someone else. Twenty years is a long time. Twenty four will even be longer.

Anonymous said...

From Bonnie Neely’s website:

“Bonnie Neely on: Affordable Housing - Bonnie Neely is the only candidate for 4th District Supervisor who’s shown she understands the critical importance of affordable housing.

Special interest developer groups like to talk about building more housing, especially large, expensive homes – affordable only to the few.

Considering Bonnie lives in a $500,000 McKenna Brothers built custom home, I find her quote quite ironic.

She’ll fight to see that housing is created close to existing services, such as those available in downtown and Old Town Eureka.

A lot of politicians like to talk about affordable housing, but Bonnie Neely is the only candidate who's introduced a real plan to benefit real families.

That's leadership - the kind of leadership we've come to expect from Bonnie Neely.”

Let’s talk about leadership...

Can anyone name one housing project Bonnie has supported in the City of Eureka’s 4th District?

How about one single affordable housing project in Eureka?

What is Bonnie Neely’s real plan on affordable housing besides political rhetoric?

The Humboldt County Redevelopment plan was a joke and a waste of $500,000.

Urban redevelopment should be in the city of Eureka and our surrounding communities, not Alton, Samoa-Fairhaven, Glendale, Willow Creek, Orick and Fields Landing.

And yes, politicians need to held accountable for wasting yours and my tax dollars.

samoasoftball said...

Megan Vogel says Bonnie has a "plan" for affordable housing. Megan keeps talking about "the plan" but does not identify it. (Secret Humboldt County plan) She can say anything she wants, but on one from the media takes her to task or holds her accountable. She is a shield for Bonnie so there is no real life accountability. That is why I wanted to hold a debate and put both of these candidates on public record on issues like this. But Bonnies campaign did not want to participate. The offer is still out there. Let me host a real debate and not one of these soft core question answer stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard, is there any chance of going public and asking Neely and Flemming once again to have a debate with you as the host? I think the people who voted for you in the primary DESERVE to have you asking both candidates, not only your questions but their own. Anyone who denies the request should then be suspect and opinion paged to death.

Anonymous said...


samoasoftball said...

2:23-I am not sure I could get it together this late in the game, and Bonnie made sure that I knew she did not want to participate. I wish I could host one. I tried, had the date the plcae and everything set up. But Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Ah Gee! i understand, Bonnie is worthless and scared, scared to face any real questions that is. I will understand if you do not reply to that,I guess there is no need to anyway.