Friday, February 24, 2017

Samoa Community Service District chugging along.

A proposed Community Service District is moving along out on the Peninsula. It has been a long drawn out process but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Right now there are about 517 residents south of the Samoa bridge. When total build out is complete there will be about 1,221 with many new housing affordable. I am excited to see positive change in the horizon.

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gabriele gray said...

When I lived in Willow Creek I became aware of the WCCSD, what it did, what it could, and now, I see what it has accomplished.
For those who may not have encountered a CSD before, it's a very open structure. There is a state mandated LAFCO-Local Area Formation Commission:
"Humboldt LAFCo facilitates changes in local governmental structure and boundaries that fosters orderly growth and development, promotes the efficient delivery of services, and encourages the preservation of open space and agricultural lands."
There are various powers which a CSD can request be activated with the balance staying dormant.
The need for the establishment of a CSD or to have other powers activated must be presented to the board of the commission which will study the proposal, take public comment, and render its decision.
A CSD has an elected board. Someone running for a position on the board must have local registered voters sign a petition supporting the candidacy (I forget how many), then there is an election. A CSD is less than an incorporated town but more than a nonprofit group. The board meetings (with the exception of personnel issues) are open and public comment is welcomed.
Willow Creek activated its power of recreation and was able to accept a state grant for recreation and that enabled Willow Creek to pay off the mortgage on a 14 acre parcel, most of it flat land--which if you know WC, there's not much of that around. (previous owner was a nonprofit but was running out of ways to pay off the loan). They oversee Camp Kimtu (on the river) and have other recreation (site) commitments. They are working to activate their wastewater powers so there can be a sewer district in the downtown area (much needed). This is slow growth, over 40 years.
I don't know about other CSDs in Humboldt, you'd have to look at each one to see how well it works, or doesn't and learn from all of them. No big time politicking here, just people who care about their community.