Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 California Maritime Leadership Symposium

I went to the California Maritime Leadership symposium.  17th year they have met.   The California Maritime Leadership Symposium is a conference focused on all modes of California’s maritime transportation system – ports, vessels, highway and rail – and the intricacies, challenges and realities of maintaining and growing a viable, healthy and dynamic maritime economy in the 21st century. Here were some observations:

a.      Sustainable Action Plan
b.      Sustainable Freight Plan.
c.       Freight Mobility Plan
d.      Plan of Reduction of carbon footprint
e.      Plan for Creation Green Gates vs Dirty truck fee plan
f.        Plan of reduction of Carbon Footprint
a.    Walmart is focused on science based goals and have doubled their efficiency in recent years.  “Faster, Reliable and safe.” “Volume hides sins.”
b.   "0” emissions  is goal for most.
c.    By 2030 Los Angeles wants 100 “0” emission vehicles.
d.    Oakland is open until 3 in morning and exports represent 53% of business and 47% import.
e.     Need to use Foreign Trade Zones  and build in USA.
f.      Redwood City getting ferries.
g.     Port of Hueneme imports  80 million bananas.
h.     China not using clean energy still relying on Coal.
a.     Trucks moving without loads.
b.     Xmas trees being delivered in July
c.      Volume hide
d.     SO Cal Ports need more open hours.
e.      Pile ups at gates
f.       Short Sea Shipping failed in test run in Stockton
g.      Dirty Trucks waiting outside ports to haul
h.      Technology there. No Money. Cost Prohibitive.
i.       No consistent universal electrical plug ins
j.       Distribution centers don’t always agree with Truck hours


Anonymous said...

So what did you get out of it and where did this take place?

Anything to help the port of Eureka?

Anonymous said...
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samoasoftball said...

The Symposium was in Sacramento. They have these every two years and it is a good place to talk to other ports about their issues. All Ports have dredging issues and emission compliance goals. I was able to network with people that can help our port in the future. But in any case, I just was reporting out so the notes I took weren't totally wasted.