Thursday, February 16, 2017

Marks selected Chair of Harbor. Mother Nature funding $50,000 to remove me from office. Dredge Spoils to Beach?

Tonight's Humboldt Bay Harbor meeting was packed once again. New 3rd Division Commissioner Stephen Kullman was sworn into office. I was elected by my co-commissioners to be Chair for the 3rd time with Larry Doss serving as Vice Chair. Earlier in the meeting a member of the public pledged $50,000 of "mother natures" money into a campaign fund to take me out of office. Our big ticket item for the night was a discussion on Dredge Sediment disposal plan and the Beach Disposal option. The discussion was lively, with the majority wanting dredging no matter what it takes. And many fishermen and boat owners were in favor of using the Beach Surf Zone Disposal option. Dave Schneider, who was a consultant (And Dock Owner) on the present and past disposal projects gave history back to the 70's and gave strong arguments for using the beach. It seems that there was some agreement in the past to never use the beach option again. Commissioner Kullman wanted to see if the cost difference was manageable to use the Pulp Mill outfall line as compromise. The subject was just a discussion and staff was given direction to work with the agencies first to get some common ground or sand if you will.


Anonymous said...

It was a condition of the Coastal Commission to not use beach disposal in future dredging projects.

Jennifer Kalt said...

The Eureka city council will discuss dumping spoils on the beach next week.