Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Trails with Rails on the way in Humboldt!

The North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA) property committee that I am part of moved to recommend adoption of licensing agreements to the City of Arcata and the City of Eureka for their trails projects! This is really happening! An update in the form of a presentation by the City of Arcata will be on the agenda for May 9th at the BOS chambers at 10:30am!


rick mitchell said...

Very nice! Is there any plans for private security to be patrolling some of the tougher spots. I could see areas where our local criminals could possibly have buffets set up for stop and rob. Because away from trails and rails. Find answers to our local homeless problems. Wont happen when they don't want to fix it. More so drug infested folks, Making a living off other peoples misfortune.

Fred Mangels said...

Probably will be as much of a success as the porta- potties the District put out for the homeless to use.