Saturday, September 05, 2015

CR football. Same results. Where are the locals?

There are more players from Las Vegas on the CR football team than there are from Humboldt County! Why? Got me. I watched their games this Saturday and was shocked to see no fans in the stands. Why? They have been condemned! So they put some stands up near the west side end zone. I walked up and down the track following play close behind the CR bench. At the beginning of the game it seemed CR was totally unorganized, but they seemed to find a stride and even some momentum and led 28-14 going into the 4th. Then they fumbled at around the 14 minute mark and the wheels just fell off. I left with about 3 minutes to go and Monterey was winning 42-28. This team needs to find hero's soon or this season will be a long one.


Anonymous said...

Fact is football programs do not belong at the Community Colleges level. Intramural yes. But expensive programs with scholarships, travel costs, insurance on and on, no way. A vestige of the past when CA was flush with $, now just focus on getting these students good education, skills and either a job or moving on to a 4 year institution. Yes, the well to do alumni will holler and scream but there it is. Worse that there is no support at a home game. Forget who is the President at C/R but that person needs to trim this sport down a few notches.

Anonymous said...

No scholarships at community college football.