Thursday, September 10, 2015

North Coast Rail Authority update 9/9/15

At yesterday’s North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA) meeting the Directors had an update on Rail with Trail projects in both Eureka and Arcata. We actually granted the License permit for the City of Eureka so looks like we have progress in moving forward.  Arcata’s request for license will be forthcoming in January it looks like. Any progress is good progress. 

Local builder Kelly Martin came forward with a pre-proposal to renovate the old NCRA office at the Balloon Tract and lease it out. Right now it is just blight that has been ransacked inside by vagrants and has been a home to feral cats.

We had a discussion about a rail spur at the old Palco Fortuna property. Seems there might be a manufacturing outfit that wants to do business there and they just want to make sure the NCRA does not own interest on the property. (We don’t) 

Director Paul Kelley from Sonoma County shared a newsletter called the Western Railroader from 1956. Some highlights: Passenger rail service between San Rafael and Eureka resumed after 4 month interruption by winter floods slides and washouts.  Daily overnight passenger service between Eureka and San Rafael was replaced by triweekly daytime service. Rates from San Francisco to Stockton were raised from $1.62 to $2.12.  

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Any chances of commuter rail up on the Scotia to Arcata corridor?