Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Samoasoftball only one to vote for Measure Z?

One of my friends jokingly referred to Measure Z as, "Zero chance of passing!" I have talked to quite a few people of varying political spectrum and have heard a resounding "NO!" I voted for the Measure but can't speak for my wife. I find it odd that many I have talked to are for Measure "Q" though. If I were Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel I would hope "Q" passes or I wouldn't want to be the new Eureka City Council person with a huge deficit on the horizon!


Anonymous said...

Richard, did you make any endorsements in the Eureka City Council races?

samoasoftball said...

No. Identify yourself and I might.

Anonymous said...

Richard, no one else trusts the Board of Supervisors with the extra money.

liberal jon said...

Richard - I'll ask - who are you endorsing in the ECC races. Follow up - if you do Endorse the HCDCC candidate Kim Bergel, what changed in 4 years to change you mind, 'cause you did endorse Mike in 2010 didn't you?

samoasoftball said...

Jon: I am not endorsing any candidates in the Eureka City Council races for 2014. No comment on your second question.

liberal jon said...

Richard - I'm sorry your conservative politics keeps you from strongly and publicly supporting two amazing and HCDCC endorsed candidates for Eureka City Council - Candidates Arroyo and Bergel.

I'm not sorry if HCDCC bylaw 2-11-(d) prevents you from supporting your candidate of choice if that is what is going on.

Can you not see how wonderful that bylaw is? Now that Virginia is free of it, she is free to support the conservative candidates. You know the ones, the ones supported by local entrenched money and local conservatives.

(Fun Fact - as I right this Virginia is joining with Rex on an KINS commercial to support Mike)

I hope that someday you can accept that a clearly defined left and right is critical for a functioning democracy.

I hope, as I know you and Virginia and possibly even Matthew, share some strong Democratic values with the rest of us, I hope that as Humboldt's Democrats finally adjust to the sea-change that happened nationally in the mid-60's, those that do understand the myopia of the current Right or Republican as demonstrated each day on Drudge or KINS, can pull back the Party of Lincoln from the Kochs and the Arkleys.

That is where local politics would be imho without the corrupting influence of money.

I realize that's an early Saturday pipe dream, but one can dream.

Shane said...

Jon, I just saw this post and felt compelled to comment. While you and I agree on many political issues and local candidates, I strongly disagree with the Democratic mob mentality against endorsing non-Democrats in all cases and races. This has also hurt the left in the past, especially in Arcata where viable Greens have run for office.

There has certainly been a problem with committee members endorsing right-leaning candidates, but I believe the struggle against that should happen in HCDCC elections where Democratic voters have a choice, not in the enforcement of cowardly bylaws. Either we organize to win or we deserve what we get.

You talk about the left and the right as if the Democratic Party represents the left. Not even close. It can be a useful vehicle for some people on the left to get elected, but it is ultimately a centrist party that props up Wall Street and other reactionary interests. If you need evidence of that, look at the record of the Obama Administration.