Saturday, October 18, 2014

Please support Measure S. Samoasoftball putting money where his mouth is.

 I am asking you all to support school bond Measure S. It is a benefit to the children currently in the Eureka City Schools system and will pave way to a better quality of education for the future. Yes, I realize there was a bond measure in 2002 that is not paid off, but don't punish the current children or staff for ills of the past administration. Yes, I went to school in Eureka. And I own property in Eureka so I will be helping foot the bill.


Julie Timmons said...


Fred Mangels said...

Vote NO on S.

Anonymous said...

Richard, there are a lot of things about Measure S that you don't know, secrets from the Eureka Schools administration & school board that are being kept secret.