Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mark Sprague hitting homers in heaven. And lifting his teammates up!

Just heard that Mark Sprague is launching Homers in Heaven. I was honored to have Mark as a teammate, coworker and friend. His brother Basil "Bill" went a few years earlier. Dave and Bob are still with us. Played ball with them all and won many games and have great memories, both in slow pitch and fast pitch, here are others. Only a few of the many comments going around:

Gordon Holt Great guy...had some great times! JJ Katri RIP Mark. Hell of a ball player and fun guy to be around. Carlos Avelar He was a tough competitor but always fair person that pulled for success of others as well but you knew you were in for a game if the other team ever had a Sprague on it and sometimes multiple Spragues they all always brought their A+ GAME. Kris Avelar Well said Clos . I remember when he made an unassisted triple play n willow creek. And basil was doing head first slides on a shit field and had a huge raspberry on his chest. Great family and will be missed by many. Doug Weatherbee Had the pleasure of playing next to Mark on some of the best teams I ever played for. We were complete opposites on the field. Mark was always But always in a good way and made me work harder and be a better player. He was fun to play with and we became good friends. I can see Mark and Bill reunited and already winning together in heaven. I will miss you Mark. Rick Verhulst I concur Doug Weatherbee ! Mark always pumped me up when we played together. Sounds silly but he made me feel like I was the best pitcher out there cuz he was so supportive! Steve Georgianna Very lucky to of known him and played with him. So much fun!


debbie lindgren said...

My dear buddy, Butch McBride will be glad to have some his old ball playing pals joining Mark

TraceMe said...

RIP Mark.