Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel endorsed unanimously by Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) . Wear it well!

Natailie Arroyo and Kim Bergel were unanimously endorsed by the HCDCC tonight. This is a huge advantage to these candidates in Eureka. They only have to present themselves to Democrats as the candidates of choice.

Now that Arcata race was a different story. Sofia Pereira and Mark Wheetley were about to garner the HCDCC endorsement when Milt Boyd pointed out that there was another Democrat in the race. Patrick Hyland had qualified and had not been notified by the committee of the endorsement process. So after much debate and discussion the HCDCC made a monumental first time e-mail endorsement process. All voting members of the HCDCC will be emailed information about the candidates and vote by e-mail in the next few days.

I left before the Fair Wage Act was discussed. It was endorsed and I really feel it will pass overwhelmingly in Eureka. All of Labor is backing it and I do think it is the right direction to provide "living wage" jobs in Eureka. It will be interesting to see if local businesses will put up a fight.

(Local Thespian and HCDCC Chair Bob Service wielding the stick)


Anonymous said...

That's a shame. Chetster Albin is registered Democrat, why didn't he get the nomination? He's the incumbent! Richard, did you atleast vote for Chet?

liberal jon said...


It was an unanimous vote with no abstentions.

Chester did not request and endorsement.

I think you already get it from your question, but Richard's choice to play the victim since 2006 and his politics have not been about principle or policy, but have been about him. And this is the

perfect example - now that Richard has nothing to gain personally, he loses nothing by

supporting candidates whose base doesn't also include the right wing.

Richard has moved on to greener pastures. Pun intended.

Also of note. The only abstention of a night were the HCDCC endorsed Kim Bergel, Natalie Arroyo,

and Measure R ($12 minimum wage for Eureka) came from Kevin Dreyer who abstained on Measure R.

That includes Supervisor Bass and her alternate Matthew Owen. They did not wish to stand up and

be the only vote against Measure R even though Supervisor Bass clearly was against it during her


I guess it's about choosing one's battles, and for Richard, Supervisor Bass, and Matthew their

battle has already been won.

One more significant piece of news , the environmentally conservative trade unions such as the

Operator's Local 3 are have also endorsed Measure R.

So, leaving the HCDCC drama aside, Measure R had a big boost last night as it has, as expected

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a Tea Party member can be a Democrat at the same time...even though he ( Chet Albin ) scrubbed his Facebook, it still exists. When pigs fly, then I will believe Albin is a dem..

samoasoftball said...

Jon: I did not vote. I am associate member. I have endorsed and sent money and helped many "progressive" lefty candidates. (A few greens even.) I support measure "R". It might not be perfect, but it is a move in the right direction. Do you have a problem with medical cannabis? I was hired by a collective of responsible growers who would like to be "legitamized" and have the criminal element stigma removed. I am excited to help clean up the environment and bring in tax dollars to the county. (So they can keep you employed and off the blogs.)

liberal jon said...

I did not vote. I am associate member.

But Matthew voted for Virginia right? Did you hear a "no" or abstention? That's significant and I think many of their supporters would be interested to hear this.

Without Matthew's and Virginia's or your support, do you think Chet or Mike have much of a chance? Do any of you care?

You know how important the endorsement process is right. That was the time to help direct the HCDCC endorsements so you could publically support your chosen candidate come election time. Let's just have it on the record that no HCDCC member stood up against the unanimous HCDCC endorsement for the promising candidacies of Kim Bergel and Natalie Arroyo AND Measure R*. We'll see how the endorsement lists shape up in a couple of months.

* Only Kevin Dreyer abstained on Measure R.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the HCDC is a lockstep organization that fosters no descent anymore. Follow the script or you're kicked out.

I know lots of Dems that do not support Measure R because they realize it will result in low income people losing their jobs.

liberal jon said...

They didn't speak up Wednesday night 2:15. That was the time to bring up the arguments against Measure R. Passing an endorsement requires 60% of members currently. That is not a low bar. Opposition to R, Natalie and Kim was non-existant Wednesday.

As the campaigns heat up, we'll find out who, if anyone, didn't have the courage of their convictions to make the case against any of these popular candidates or measure.

"the HCDC is a lockstep organization"

It's not, but it is a political party and it's not doing it's job if it tries to do the job of both parties at once.

Jon said...