Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So instead of "Pulp Mill" project, maybe "Humboldt Bay Redwood Dock Project?"

So far I have heard a few ideas for the old pulp mill site. First the fun stuff:
1. Indoor Softball
2. Roller Derby
3. Zip line to beach
4. Bungee Jumping
5. Drive Inn
6. AstroTurf Sports Fields
7. Surf Store Room and showers
8. Bait Shop
9. Golf course ala Bandon Dunes
10. Bed and Breakfast

And the mundane practical stuff:
1. Wind Turbine
2. Water Export
3. Bio Char Pellet Mill
4. General Cargo/Domestic Barge
5. Bottled water or beer plant
6. Energy-Pressure Retarded Osmosis
7. Water cooled Data base computers large scale
8. Aquaculture-Shell fish and Fin fish
9. Wave energy Buoy manufacturing
10. Marciano cherry production
11. Sea Vegetable production-edible kelp and sea weed
Any other good ideas? Or even bad ideas!

Check out Harbor CEO Jack Crider's presentation for more stuff about the Harbor.


Matt Filar said...

Whatever it is, isn't there the need to use a very large quantity of water? Isn't there something bad that will happen (high increase in public water rates?) if a use isn't found at some point because of a system that was designed with consideration to the tremendous use by the two pulp mills? (Sorry to sound so inarticulate, but you know what I mean)

Anonymous said...

Only 2, 3 and 5 on your "practical" list stand any chance of having good economics for industry. Sadly it looks like you have chosen to encumber the harbor district with a huge potential liability, of which you know very little. You rushed the district into purchasing this property when the seller had no leverage (no other potential buyers) without taking the time (which was on your side) to assess the full magnitude of the liability you were shoveling onto taxpayers. All the other services your district provides will suffer as a result, and will suffer over several decades. Congratulations Richard. You just hung one hell of an albatross over the neck of Humboldt Bay. Not just the district, but the fishermen, recreational users, aquaculture users, everyone. I hope for everyone's sake some wealthy investor sees potential in this site down the road and that the liability you so casually take on is just "a couple million." Keep up with the jokes, joker.

samoasoftball said...

10:57pm-Wow. Didn't have the balls to identify yourself? Pot shots at a person willing to not only run for the position but to make his position public? You are a weak ass Wiener! Why weren't you at meeting to give us your "brilliant" observations? Wiener!

Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

If the site is to have a use in the future, it better include water uses; yet, whether water is on the horizon or not, HOJ knows "water rates" are still going to go-up. In Mack Town, elected officials with the MCSD allowed a $400K mistake to occur for a future attempt to raise rates that may be based upon "emergency criteria", but will actually be an attempt to reach into the future using present manipulations and "classifying" these manipulations as an "emergency", or some other arbitrary wordsmithing.

As far as the Harbor District, any updates on the "Aaron Newman" ordeal with the District Attorney allegations?


Anonymous said...

The events involving the harbor district have no material bearing on my financial well being. I choose to remain anonymous because you have been and remain a union thug. A disgusting creature hell bent on channeling everyone else's money into your desperate scheme to maintain your own reputation and political/union standing amongst your peers. The bottom line is you just encumbered the oyster farmers, fishermen, recreational users, environmental advocates for a site you are emotionally involved in, but a site that has huge multimillion dollar liabilities attached to it. Don't claim ignorance, You worked their. Do you really believe your bullshit line that involving a small harbor district in a major industrial site will somehow encourage a major investor to put down their own money on the site? You have no clue. in fact, you have no financing source to remove the toxins on the site. Produce some numbers, joker.

samoasoftball said...

12:32-The numbers are provided on the link I provided. Coast Seafood is one of the investors in the property and Tayor Mariculture also. We have others sending proposals. Union thug? Been called worse.