Friday, August 09, 2013

4 More Years! Samoasoftball runs unopposed for Harbor Commissioner.

Might as well get some good use out of my campaign statement for 2013:

My wife Robin and I have lived, worked, and raised two sons within eye sight of the Humboldt Bay. Like you, we care deeply about this community treasure.

Currently I serve as your 4th Division Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation Commissioner. With this election I am requesting for your support in continuing proactive, forward-thinking leadership to the district.

During my term the Commission has created the setting to retain good jobs that pay decent wages by supporting our aquaculture and fishing industries, encouraging light industrial growth, and investigating infrastructure needed to support short sea shipping.

We can increase recreational opportunities and transportation options around our bay by creating bicycle and pedestrian trails to connect our communities, while protecting the publicly owned railroad right-of-way for future possibilities.

Finally, we can spearhead environmental restoration projects to preserve the fragile ecosystem that supports so many of our waterfront-dependent businesses and activities.

I am the past President of Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers local 49 and former union organizer. I am currently on the Board of Directors for the North Coast Rail Authority and Humboldt Domestic Violence Services. I am also the President of Mad River Softball Association.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Richard. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our Harbor and community.

ps: Don't buy the Pulp Mill. Let Bob Simpson deal with cleaning up the mess. He's made $millions$ and $millions$ on the property and he should be the one to take care of the toxics, not the public. Remember, grant money for cleanup is still our money. Just say NO!

Rose said...

Congrats, Richard. And, P.S. don't take advice from people who won't sign their own name. :) What good's their advice if THEY are scared to stand behind it.

Julie timmons said...

Glad you're being spared the BS of campaigning this time. OR maybe I should say B$? Anyway, congratulations.

Stephen said...

Good job your in again, Richard.

Project update (you could tell John McG this, btw,..) We may have a use for all that pulp mill waste liqours if our project gets funded which, btw, won't be happening through Bear River as their Tribal Council once again pulls the Bowman ghost routine and decided the rest of the tribe doesn't need any help as they go into the Foxwood Casino route to bankruptcy. Such a loss to Bear River tribal members who miss out on using our lottery system to easily offset Bear River's likely bankruptcy due to over-building, the useless hotel that doesn't make a dime or it's restaurant, or the new proposed rec center and spa, all costly building projects just like Foxwood did, Foxwood which used to be the world's biggest NA casino..

Your kin, the Lakota, Oglala, are now looking into our lottery project as I too have kin with Lakota and friends there.