Monday, June 16, 2008

Paper vs. Plastic again.

Let me preface my argument for paper over plastic by letting you all know that Robin and I recycle both paper and plastic. Our paper is done at the curb and our plastic is taken to Safeway.

If you do not recycle, I suggest you ask for paper. There are arguments on both side, and if you have time, please check out this information piece: Battle of the Bags: Paper vs. Plastic- Very well done. My biggest complaint against plastic is the 100,000 animals that die each year from plastic litter. And, did you know that 14 plastic bags contain enough petroleum to drive a car a mile? Can't we come up with technology to convert the bags back into usable energy? Also, the non biodegradable factor is a huge consideration. I realize it takes more energy to make paper, but I believe we can do better. One thing that could be done more environmentally conscience, is using only recycled paper and Hardwood pulp from regenerating Eucalyptus tree farms. This idea was brought up by Simpson years back when they had the Shasta Pulp mill in Anderson. They bought land around Red Bluff off of I5 to do just that. You can harvest the tree and the stump will just grow a new tree. The trees are still just sitting there to this day. Other states also need to mandate pollution control standards, like the ones we see in California. If Evergreen Pulp can make environmentally safe pulp without the use of dioxins, others should too. (Evergreen is the only pulp mill in North America without dioxins. European pulp mills in Scandinavian countries are also "Chlorine free.")

Just for the record, Robin and I do have reusable carry bags that I always seem to forget when I go to the store. Reusable Bags :: Reusable Grocery Bags. This, of course, is the best way to help the environment.


Anonymous said...

The Eucalyptus tree farm in Corning is logged every year 500 acres is usually what is harvested.

Anonymous said...

"My biggest complaint against plastic is the 100,000 animals that die each year from plastic litter."

Who makes up these fascinating statistics?

Anonymous said...

And how do the plastic bag makers manage to kill exactly 100,000 animals each year?

samoasoftball said...

Must be hiring someone to take a head count?

Seriously, you can argue all the numbers presented.

Andrew Bird said...

The Co-op is selling these great resuable cloth handle bags for 99 cents. They are a great deal.

Ted Sillanpaa said...

Richard...Don't know a better way to get in touch with you. Thanks for reading my blog. I really hope people are talking about it. There are things that could make the North Coast better if people think about history and maybe think about what goes on down here.

Oh, man...did my sons catch hell because I was sports editor. Trent survived without much crap. I refused to treat Tyren differently than any other Eureka High QB ... and, when was a Eureka High sophomore QB never NOT the subject of media attention? Then, he made all-state baseball at St. Bernard ... when is an all-state baseball player ever ignored?

The thing I understood is that the North Coast, the T/S, was and is in the business of making "stars" out of regular high school kids. Oh, most of them are good athletes ... but, c'mon! My sons were interviewed on TV all the time ... on the radio ... they were featured in the old Union and the Beacon as well as the T/S. And, their peers got the same treatment. We over-covered and made too big a deal out of ALL the high school (and youth leaguers) ... because that sold newspapers.

I raised some hell...but, again, that's how I thought I had to do the job. I don't know if I'd do it that way again. But...I did it that way then ... and it might've made the kids tougher. I do sometimes think I should've taken the cheesy, homer route and saved them the headache.

My youngest son is 10 times the baseball player either of the older sons. He's on (honest) 12-and-under All-American lists. (Don't ask if I think it matters. Just ask, "Who cares about 12-Under all-Americans?") He's just a guy down here. He didn't even play his last year of Little League. He plays in a different town...and plays in tournaments all over the place. He has gotten mentioned for no-hitters and in all-stars...but, nobody cares. I'm just a guy down here...and he's making his own way without all the crap he'd have gotten in a small town. I think he's tougher mentally and gifted enough to have played through the crapola up there...but, the idea of adults razzing my kids was tough the first time and I don't think he could have enough 15-strikeout games to quiet some of those people if I was an editor up there.

Thanks. And...for sure...thanks for confirming that I could play a little bit!

Ted Sillanpaa

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

Perhaps the companies that produce our great little plastic bags will one day be encouraged to invest in R&D to find ways to better utilize recycling of the resource.

Until that day, it will be cheaper just to produce 1st generation bags.

BTW, I have finally been inspired to but re-usable bags. Thanks Richard!


Fred said...

You wrote, "You can harvest the tree and the stump will just grow a new tree.".

Redwood trees do that, too.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately paper grocery bags are not made from Eucalyptus but need the strong long cellulose fibers found in softwoods such as pine trees. Recycling works for 5 or 6 times then virgin pulp must be used to start the process again. Its true we all need to recycle more - get the rate up to 60% or higher. Dioxin has been almost wiped out when chlorine was banned from use in the paper industry in the USA almost a decade ago - now we have thousands of percent more toxins coming from car exhausts than the paper industry. Sadly the heavy environmental burden has killed the American Industry which is now dying in America and growing in 3rd world countries where their lack of pollution control is killing their people. A viscious circle. The world would be a better place with more people like Richard Marks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard: I ran into Paul S. and he told me about your blog .. congrats to you and Robin on your recent victories. I stopped voting for Thompson because of what he did to you .. the guy is a crony and if he moved to Orange County would turncoat Republican to get elected .. It took me about a year to remember my reusable bag. Try leaving it in the car when your home. Randy

samoasoftball said...

Ted: I am sure you appreciate not having to deal with your kids enduring this second round. Enjoy! Time goes by so quickly.

Andrew: And you see more people using those bags at the Co-op than anywhere else.

Boy: Glad to help out.

Fred: I believe Eucalypyus grows way faster than redwood.

7:08am- You are right about hardwood fibers being shorter, but the chips can be used in a mix with conifers to a certain level. Not quite sure what the criteria or threshold would be. Hopefully someone out there is looking into it. Thanks for the information.

Randy: You are a good Democrat. We need more like you. Now get your buttocks back on the basketball court!