Monday, June 23, 2008

Bob Service is the "Comeback Kid" upsets Jake Pickering in final vote tally. HCDCC undefeated for June Election 2008!

The Humboldt County Election office announced their final figures for the June 3rd Election. ELECTION RESULTS Bob Service was trailing Jake Pickering for a 4th District seat on the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) by 4 votes before the final tallies. After all is said and done, Bob won by 14 votes! So that means the HCDCC endorsed 9 candidates this June and 8 won with one pending in November! The last 2 elections the HCDCC has endorsed 16 candidates and 15 have won outright! Fennell is still pending. Congratulations to all.


Andrew Bird said...

Congrats to Bob. I don't know Jake Pickering and my comment is not intended to be critical of him in anyway. I do know Pam and Bob Service and believe that both bring a lot of good energy to the HCDCC.

Greg said...

Estelle got a bump in the same results, gaining a percent. Clif lost a percent. Here comes November...Go Estelle!

Carol said...

The "Comeback Kid" - oh, Bob will like that name. Bob is on the E-board for the state party, so it is good that he still has his seat. Jake, we do want to meet you, one of these days. I hear you often on KMUD, and more often than not, I agree with you.