Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seen AWPPW Local 49 Ernie Ghesetti in Scottsdale.

What are the odds of meeting up with a fellow past co-worker Ernie all the way out here in Arizona? Ernie and his wife travel and live in Deer Valley during the winter. Robin and I ran into him at the Giants/Cubs game in Scottsdale. Small world.

Robin and I took a long walk to 5th St in hot weather that wiped both of us out. It took a rack of ribs from Lone Star to get me even keeled.


Carol said...

Hope you two are having a wonderful vacation!

Anonymous said...

Did Ernie have a temper tantrum? Oh, that's right, you weren't on the golf course.

Anonymous said...

Ernie has a bad back and arthritis. He currently is not golfing. He is retired.

rick said...

Rich, Sure hope you went to Lone Star on monday. and had all you can eat.
Have you seen the Rockies play this spring training?

Eel River Ernie said...

Just got back from AZ last evening after spending a few days of watching the Angels. Now I know why I live on the north coast of California. Games were great but the afternoon temperatures were brutal. Had dinner one night at P.F Chang's China Bistro, something a little different as the book say's "Trendy, upscale decor provides a pleasant backdrp for New Age Chinese dining..." the price is right too.

samoasoftball said...

Ernie: I saw those down there but didn't eat there. It is brutally hot at the games I will admit.

Rick: Never made it to Rockies game. Maybe next year.