Friday, March 14, 2008

HCDCC endorsement a kiss of death? I think not! Go Estelle!

The last local election in November was tell-tale of how much an endorsement of the Humboldt County Central Committee means. Seven candidates received the HCDCC endorsement, and all seven are now in office. Slice it and dice it all you want, it is an important step in any potential candidates attempt at public office. Fennell gets nod from Democratic Committee is nothing but good news for her campaign. Just thought I would throw that out there since I have seen all of the anonymous wieners postings regarding Estelle on other blogs. If you have any worthy posts, please identify yourselves, otherwise you will not be taken seriously. By me at least.


Anonymous said...

It's the annal xxxx of death. Run Estelle run tell your DA that you are being buggered.

Rose said...

I take it there is no other Dem in the race....?

Anonymous said...

Rodoni will wipe the floor with your sorry asses. It's funny watching you people have hope though.

Greg said...


Estelle is not only the one Democrat in this race, she is an outstanding Democrat who already had the endorsement of the Southern Humboldt Fire Chiefs Association and a turnout of 150 people at her kick-off. Carol and I have been too many campaign kickoffs in recent years and I can't think of a better start. If there had been more than one Democrat asking for the endorsement, it might not have happened so early, but it would have happened.

Larry Glass made a special trip to the meeting to speak for Estelle. He pointed out in his many years doing interviews with her he has learned she is an active, effective listener who will follow your concerns with interest and understanding.

Rodoni, wipe the floor? Maybe with Clif, but IMO Estelle will be part of November's Democratic sweep.

We will hear a lot of whining now, about how this is a "non-partisan" office so it's wrong for a political party to endorse. Fact is, the term "partisan" refers to party primary politics and was never meant to keep citizens from voicing support for better government representatives. Richard is right on about HCDCC. The endorsement means a great deal to the candidates because it helps them win. People want Democrats (good ones, not Spitzer!) in office after the purgatory known as Bush II.

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...
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The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

Rodoni will wipe the floor with your sorry asses.

Is Roger gonna tap into that "Silent Majority", is he? He best not get too comfy. Sometimes change sweeps the most grounded incumbent out to sea.


Anonymous said...

No boy, Roger won't tap dance. He will be clear,direct and painfully honest. It will pain you but win ,loose or draw Roger won't play games. He has great support in this county. The cheap shots from radicals and political opportunists only strengthens him in our eyes. Keep up the good PR on his behalf.