Friday, June 01, 2007

Someone is on the PL workers side!

Say what you want, but I tip my hat to people who are willing to fight for workers rights. Times-Standard Online - Groups support Palco's bid to pay workers

Having environmental groups with a reputation for stirring the pot does not lessen this good deed. "The worker is worth his wages." (1 Tim. 5:18). When I worked as a union organizer and had sacrificed time at home to fight corporate greed, I was asked often by people from my committees how I could keep going. I told them I was fighting the good fight. I was on the side of right. And I have never regretted any of the time I gave to help the working poor fight for their rights.

There is one thing in the PL case that does bug me. These same workers have had ample opportunity to organize. How many times do we have to witness workers who are not a union body be shortchanged when plant closures come up? (Eel River Sawmill, Arcata Particle Board, Yakima, LP sawmill, Halverson, Cal Pac.........) Maybe we need to step up the organizing process in Humboldt County once more.


Anonymous said...

Scew all the Lovelace's and EPIC types. They're blood sucking ticks just as bad or worse than Corporate greedster. Again screw them both. Workers are only pawns in both their games. A good union,now there's another thing altogether.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, screw the progressive scumb bags calling themselves democrats. Their poster child Chesbro has created great wealth in this distric( for himself and his politically correct buddies). Can you see all the other good jobs ?

Anonymous said...

Try to control yourself, anonymous, before you start ranting.

I support unions, Richard.

Carol said...

How do you start a union, Richard?

Anonymous said...

Carol you socialists pretending to be dEMOCRATS can't. Unions take hard work,blood,sweat and honesty. Keep your pretend wine and cheese world with Wes away from us.

Anonymous said...

yeah, just look at the teachers union.


Anonymous said...

Well,you have a point but if you read the criteria of hard work,blood,sweat,and honesty you can find support for good union principles and exclusion of poor school union practice. You do make an excellent point.

Anonymous said...

We need a union package like the corporate CEO's have. Now there's a package.

samoasoftball said...

Carol: First you evaluate if a workforce has a need. Some employers do treat their workers right.

If they do not, you talk to workers and find out who the leaders are.

The leaders need to pick a union organization that serves the purpose of the workers.

The leaders form a committee to gather and give information to their co-workers concerning organizing.

If they find they have support of their co-workers, they start signing authorization cards that names their union of choice as their bargaining agent.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) needs to have at least 30% of any workforce sign authorization cards before they will hold and NLRB representative election. (You really need 70% of the workforce to sign cards to have a chance of victory.)

The union of choice and the company being organized have to come to a stipulated agreement of the parameters or rules of conduct for an election. (Which the company and their lawyers will violate almost everytime)

The NLRB will conduct an election within 45 days of the filing of cards optimum, most likely 60 days reality. This gives the company or organization time to lie, lie and lie some more to the employees of the terrible choice they have made to try to organize.

If your workplace votes 50% +1 to be union, you will be bargaining quickly for better benefits and workplace improvements!

That is a quick overview.