Saturday, June 16, 2007

Great day for celebration in Humboldt County.

The Oyster festival was in full display today. Many people and lots of food and drink. (Loved the Oyster call of the lady from Kansas calling in the Rocky Mountain Oysters, and the Madonna impersonator (Shucked for the very first time!) I really enjoyed the Earl Thomas band. He is just great entertainment. He called the youth of Humboldt "Saplings.". A Humboldt County Jewel. Saw Chris Kerrigan enjoying the Arcata crowd. Thousands of wind blown attendees.

Robin and I then went to Blue Lake to be at Al Clark's 50th birthday party. Al and I have have been either playing against or playing softball with each other for years. Al owns Blackberry Bramble Barbecue and Catering and Blue Lake Video for many years. Hundreds of eclectic personalities were there and Al jammed with harmonica with some of the bands that were there.

The first band was the Fickle Hillbillies. This was a great band with old time organ sounds and a Grateful Dead type rhythm. Very enjoyable easy to listen stuff. Just nice to hear.

The second Band was Riverside Blues Band and they started set with old Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Then they finished their set with Blues. A very young band. Very fun to watch.

The third band was the Rubber Neckers. They seemed to have the most people dancing and rowdy, but I just could not get whether they were Indie/Punk/Loud/Alternative/Noisy. They were all over the place to me. Energetic? Yes. Scattered? I thought.

The closing band at the party was Kulica. They were just awesome. Some young girl all of about 11 years old sung "All along the Watchtower," kind of weird, but she was great! The whole set was classic Kulica. Robin and I own a couple of their recordings.

Happy Birthday Al! What a great party.


Anonymous said...

Went extra early to Oyster Festival before the lines got too long and had something else to do in afternoon so didn't get to hear the bands or Oyster calling which is always fun.

Like the oysters at Coast Seafoods - pan grilled and a soy/ginger sauce that was pretty good or could have them with tartar sauce and/or cocktail sauce.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on the oyster festival a few years ago. Too many lines, too many of the great unwashed.

Ms Mckinleyville said...

Jambalaya oysters...very yummy.Long lines though.

Anonymous said...

Dioxin festival.