Thursday, June 14, 2007

Roadkill and Tomaso softball!

This is the first year I have been eligible to play seniors league softball. Steve Harris and I decided to help the Humboldt Classic Softball League by forming a new team. The Operating Engineers/Mercer Fraser/Samoa Athletics and Steve Harris are sponsoring the team. Team Roadkill is 0-6 to start the season. We have had one game where we were up by 7 runs and lost and then we were up by 6 and lost. We have had more hamstring/quads/groin pulls than I thought humanly possible. But! It is all in fun!

Tomaso's woodbat team in Blue lake has won the last 3 championships but are in trouble this year. A 5-3 record will put us in the middle of the pack. But again, all in fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Richard, next time you suspect a neibhorhood dog has micturated on your Tercel, think again. What kind of dog urinates on a windshield?

CoWorker X

Anonymous said...

Still pullin' the ol'groin, Richard?
Remember the good old days,"stop it uncle Richard it hurts"?

samoasoftball said...

Uh, I don't own a Tercel. The rest of the message makes no sense.

11:35pm Maybe it is time to moderate the comments. I have not to let people have free thoughtful comments. I don't mind kidding around, but you are crossing the line of bad taste.

Anonymous said...

Bad taste? 11:35 has NO taste not to mention class!!