Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Future home of Murphy's Market and Samoa to grow by 150 by November 2020.

This will be the future home to Murphy's Market in the next few years in Samoa. There will also be a gas station according to town owner Dan Johnson in his latest update to about 30 residents.

This year 2020 there will be the Phase one opening of a new affordable housing complex on Vance ave. This will include a new secondary sewage treatment plant that will be hooked to the Old Pulp Mill Outfall line. Then all houses on on Vance avenue will be hooked up to new sewage and electrical lines from the new apartments to the Samoa Gym. This should be finished by November. (The softball field will get new lights, but not until phase 6 down the road.) Then the Houses (Including my Brown one below) on Rideout St. and Sunset Ave. will also have new utilities. The 60 houses should be put up for sale, but not before they are upgraded to be able to garner home loans.

The new Community Service District will start their formation and start collecting revenues in about a year and half and be functional on their own in 3 years.

The next phases of new construction should take the town to over 1,000 residents in about 4 years.

New plots of property should be available to check out in about 6 months. The timeline for the town of Samoa is going to move quickly now. 


Unknown said...

with all the new housing where are they all going to work. if anything put some industry here for ppl to earn money to buy housing. duh

uri driscoll said...

This is great. Samoa could be a very special place with a few of these upgrades. Water and sewer are the challenges.

Unknown said...

The wastewater plant outcall discharge needed to be of drinking water quality in order to keep the pollution in check or we will be right back to unsafe beaches and ocean.

Anonymous said...

I am excited for the future of Samoa! Hopefully it can be the great little town it used to be. I have many fond memories of being a child in Samoa. Everyone knew everyone. The moms were everyone's mom's.Please fix up the fire hall near the cook house. The town can have get togeathers,parties and maybe turn it into a Santa's house at Christmas time. The possibilitys are endless!!!!!

Mysamoa said...

I wonder where all the 200 current residents, many low income, long time renters will go?