Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Nice LTE from Jack Crider. Many thanks.

Jack and Shawn Crider

True leadership is rare these days as it takes time, dedication and the ability to listen, learn and follow your heart to do the right thing. Richard Marks is that kind of leader and Humboldt Bay and Humboldt County is very lucky to have him.
I’ve been port director for three ports over a span of 25 years, two in Oregon and Humboldt Bay Harbor District. I worked directly under more than 20 elected port commissioners.
Commissioner Marks is a great mentor who provided me with guidance and was always available. Richard attended every meeting and event. He was dedicated to the weekly administrative duties, such as reviewing information and contracts. His availability was critical to the success of the operation and greatly appreciated by all of Humboldt Bay’s staff.
Commissioner Richard Marks’ advice on local politics was critical to me and his ability to remain calm under pressure, listen and address his constituents was always impressive. Richard’s demonstrated his leadership skills many times during difficult meetings and had the ability to gain consensus and provide guidance to staff.
Cleanup of the Samoa Pulp Mill and the zoning changes that allowed for all the new businesses and jobs on the peninsula would not have happened without Richard’s leadership.
For the future of Humboldt Bay, Humboldt County and the harbor district, please vote for Richard Marks, he is one of the best port commissioners I’ve ever worked for.
Jack Crider, Former Executive Director of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District

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