Friday, July 06, 2018

EPA decision leaves hundreds of Humboldt workers screwed.

Will Houston wrote an article in the Times Standard today, "Who pays for the Pulp Mill Cleanup?" The price is up to 16 million dollars! Basically they are allowing Evergreen Pulp Inc., the responsible party, to walk away from any form of repayment.

When I gave testimony to the Environmental Protection Agency, they had identified the officers of Evergreen and they knew of their subsidiary status with Lee and Mann of China. If you check the link out you will see that Lee and Mann is quite healthy finance wise. The investor rating is to "Buy." I requested and begged the EPA to go after Evergreen or Lee and Mann and was told at that time they were leery because they didn't want to make an "International Incidence" over a few million dollars. Well, 16 million is not chicken feed. I was hoping for the EPA to leave a paper trail so that I could hire lawyers to go after Evergreen and recover federal "Warn Act" money that workers were entitled to as well as medical monies and recovery of legal expenses for the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers local 49 workers at the former pulp mill. I called EPA spokeswoman Margot Perez-Sullivan to question the EPA decision to let Evergreen slide and she referred me to EPA attorney Andrew Helmlinger.

Mr. Helminger told me the EPA decision so far has been based on "No Judgement Proof" or the failure of AWPPW attorneys and the EPA's attorneys lack of financial success chasing Evergreen to Colorado and the Virgin Isles which were hidden in "Corporate Veils." Not wanting to throw good money for bad." Mr. Helmlinger and Margot Perez-Sullivan were very cordial and patient with my requests. I am considering options to rectify this situation.

(I took some time off from this blog for awhile. Should be more regular posts now.)

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