Sunday, July 22, 2018

5 Worst rock bands of all time! Yucky awards!

My least favorite rock bands starting from #5 and working to #1.

5. Eagles- Hotel California just does nothing for me. Period. I cant tell you why. is the only song of theirs I can listen to.

4. The Knack- When Robin and I were first married we had these neighbors in Myrtletowne that played "My Sharona" day and night. Drove me nuts. Right next to them was another of our neighbors that played music and was on tour with Rush in 1978. Pretty cool.

3. Hall and Oates- "I cant go for that" or anything else they do. They are a consistent yucky.

2. Boston- This is more than a feeling, Man, when Boston came out in the 70's I thought they were going to be the greatest of all time. After decades they grate on me more than any band. And you too I suppose.

1. Steve Miller Band- Joker, Keep on Rocking me, Jet Airliner, Abracadabra, Jungle Love, Space Cowboy........all horrible. Equally. Hope to not offend all.

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