Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Senior Softball King traded to Legends for Tim Ash.

In a complicated three team deal involving waiver wires, a six pack of Beer and Humboldt Classic Senior Softball League offices, Richard Marks (AKA the Senior Softball King) has been traded by the Relics to the Legends for Tim Ash. "I had a great run with the Relics!" When Marks was reminded he only played for them for 1 year, "I lasted a whole year with someone?" Legend coach Bill Hicks had this to say, "We were looking for someone who could field , hit and run. They were all taken, so we settled on Marks."

The Tale of the Tape

Marks: 6' Pitcher, 1st.  Traverse and Walsh and M & D Auto in the 70's. James Hill Trucking, Calvary Brothers, Everett's and Louisiana Pacific. (Slow Pitch and Fast.) in 80's and 90's. Tomaso's, SOP, SAC, Arcata Countertop, Murphy's and Redwood Curtain from 2000 to present.

Ash: 6'3"Pitcher, 1st. Arcata Muffler in the 70's and 80's, Betz Bombers for the 90's to present.

Senior and Open League On Base Percentage for 2017:

Marks: .605 for Redwood Curtain.  32nd in Arcata "D" Division overall and 2nd on Redwood Curtain. .750 for Relics in Seniors.

Ash: .667 for Sunset Bombers, 11th in Arcata "C" Division overall and 2nd on Sunset Bombers. .700 for Relics in Seniors.

Tim is a better pitcher than me and more of an asset on defense. He does drink a higher class of beer also I might add.

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