Monday, April 23, 2018

Eureka Trading Post Relics win HCSSA Pre Season Tournament.

In a spirited Senior softball tournament that included controversial calls, illegal bat, rule clarifications and windy conditions, the Relics by virtue of head to head play squeaked by Classics 11-10 to win the 2018 Humboldt Classic Senior Softball Association tournament at Pacific Union.  Jeff Hagg for the Relics went 12 for 12 to for the batting title. Stuart Rosenburg was close behind at 10 for 11 or .909 average.

Big Thank You to Bill Hicks, Buzz Johnson and Rod for the help with field prep. Lets do it again soon!

Here are the top 21 hitters by Base % in the Tournament as best determined by the hideous scorekeeping of your softball brothers:

1.       Jeff Hagg             .1000      Relics
2.       Stuart Rosenburg .909        Legends
3.       Ken Hoffman         .889        Relics
4.       Fred Delgatta        .750        Relics
5.       Dan Duncan          .727        Legends
6.       Doug Pace             .727        Classics
7.       Tim Kunst             .727        Classics
8.       Roy Willis             .727        Classics
9.       Rob Moulton         .700        Classics
10.    Tim Vernig             .700        Classics
11.    Tina Buchanan       .700        Relics
12.    Rod                        .700        Legends
13.    Doc Jones              .667        Rookies
14.    Ron DenHeyer      .667        Relics
15.    Paul Barrett           .667        Relics
16.    Zeke Branca         .667        Legends
17.    Tony Hernandez   .636        Relics
18.    Robert Nickell       .636        Classics
19.    Tom Pagano          .625        Rookies
20.    Robert Ruehl         .600        Legends

21.    Tom Owen             .600        Rookies

(On a sad note the Softball King went down with another back injury. So I on Injured Reserve for the time being)

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Bill Hicks said...

I'd like to thank Dave Long at the "Sorts World" for sponsoring the new "Legends" team, very sharp looking group for some old guys! Great turn out for early season, everyone have a terrific season. Rhody parade this Saturday April 28th come represent your team and league. 9:30 7th & A St. come ride the float & be seen!