Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Republican debate. Marco Rubio the best Republican choice?

The latest Republican  debate was kind of an eye opener. Bush, no chance. Donald, complete joke. Cruz, marginal. Carson, overwhelmed. I always like to monitor these forums to see who will be the biggest threat to a Democratic candidate. Marco Rubio seems to be the one big threat to the Democratic party. Whether the nomination for Dem is Hillary or Bernie, don't discount the Marco as a worthy opponent. Just fair warning.


Julie Timmons said...

Totally agree. I'll be posting on this tomorrow.

sky hammer said...

Rubio lost my support when he proposed spending up to a $trillion of our money for baby sitters,otherwise known as child care.
My opinion, if you can't afford to take care of your child, don't have one, certainly don't make me pay for it.
I already have to pay for health insurance for children I don't have, abolish that also.
Rubio's immigration policy is also lacking.
Cruz and Fiornia did well.

LMOB said...


Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio would be a great choice for the nomination.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders will never get the nomination, Hillary will be the nominee.