Tuesday, November 17, 2015

LP Pulp Mill 1974. What was.

Old you tube video from 1974 showing pulp making processes. I recognize Mary Pawlyk, Tom Fenwick, Ron Ross, Norm Miller and Jack Hamilton. Any old pulp mill workers recognize any others?

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Unknown said...

Richard....thanks for sharing the old video. In the opening sequence the large tug boat pulling the chemical barge is owned by Foss Tugboat company out of Tacoma Wa. The onboard chemicals were produced in Bellingham Wa. by Georgia-Pacific Corp. The 4 visible cylinders contain 1200 Tons of Chlorine and are under 65psi to keep the Chlorine in a liquid state. The Chlorine was unloaded using 190psi air pressure and pushed via pipes to to our 6 receiving tank farm cylinders. Also, on board for unloading were approximately 600 Ton of Caustic Soda, 200 Ton of Sulphuric Acid, and Sodium Chlorate. The tall guy is Tom Fenwick the Mill Manager, and inspecting the pipes and valves before the unloading commenced is Marty Pawlyk who was the Pulping Group Head Operator. It may be noted that the above chemicals were eliminated in our Bleaching process with an environmental friendly Hydrogen Perioxide, and good-bye to Dioxin's.
In the Bleach Plant sequence Ron Ross who was the Bleach Plant Head Operator is showing the operation of the bleach plant washers. Inside the 3rd floor control room, Brown Stock Operator, Norman Miller with the face shield. Norm served as AWPPW Local 49 as President for several terms. Also, in the control room is Jerry Esskew who was the Bleach Plant 1st Assistant Operator.
Again, thanks...Marty Pawlyk