Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Slumoa low life strike again! Freaking sandweller thieves!

My #75 rental garage in Samoa violated.
Ripped the lock off very vunerable door.

Some slimeball stole tubs of various tools, circular saw. Left Virginia Bass and Richard Marks campaign signs. Also have had many months of recycles "reused" without our approval. They come through our gate and help themselves. So how many of these little events not worth reporting are happening in Humboldt County?


Anonymous said...

Would these be the same sand dwellers your organization provided a portable toilet for?

Anonymous said...

"Left Virginia Bass and Richard Marks campaign signs"

Sorry, that tidbit made me chuckle

Zoltan Welvart said...

Sounds like sons of influential people attact handicapped(bums) with epd and apd license,that attracts a form of organized crime.hope I'm no confusing you with a different perspective.

Julie Timmons said...

My condolences. Unfortunately it's happeniing everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately Samoa is vulnerable to crime. The closest police station is in Eureka. Neighborhood watch can only do so much, although when I lived there as a kid we didn't get away with much due to all the moms keeping an eye out for all us kids. When I went through town in 2010 the town was in a bad state. I have heard that they are making improvements now so maybe they can put in a police sub-station in samoa to make the town less prone to crime.