Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lady-Fame. A fishing tragedy or triumph in Humboldt Bay.

If you lived in Humboldt County in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the book Lady-Fame is a must. Many familiar scenarios come forward and history repeats itself to many of us native Humboldt County residents. Times that were way more simple, but complex as far as the maturation process. Hard to explain, but when you read and touch the characters of this book, it is impossible not to reach back into your own memories and stories of the streets of Eureka. And actually there are multiple storylines that seemed to be shortened that were relevant and building that were cut too short by the time the end of the book comes and actually attacks you and begs for more.  Fiction or non? Doesn’t matter.
THIS BOOK IS NOT A ROMP! Pace yourself. There are many intricate situations that deal with multi personalities and scenarios that actually need to be envisioned at your own personal level.  There is a sophisticated level that makes this book a higher level read. (Think Carl Hiaasen reaching for Tom Wolfe or Wally Lamb level complication.)

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Julie Timmons said...

I was one of the subscribers and I'm ashamed to say I'm still reading it. Not a quick read, as you stated.