Sunday, February 01, 2015

Ha ha. But, the toilet is there for a reason!

This is kind of a funny take of the B & B the Harbor District has provided for the Samoa Peninsula. It is across the street from one of the trail heads to Samoa Dunes. Yes, people are sleeping overnight and using the dunes for a homeless camp. Yes, they have no where to defecate with dignity. This is just a small gesture of our Conservation side to help the environment around the bay. Again, I wish the City of Eureka would move forward and doing the same for the "Devils Playground" behind the Eureka Mall. Just a small step in helping the homeless/housepoor conundrum.


Anonymous said...

The correct PC term is Houseless. LOLd at housepoor.

Democratic Jon said...

A: so there is a modicum of dignity for those who might need it. Thanks for this RM.