Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lets protect the Humboldt brand and small farms. Before we don't have that option.

The Redwood Times did a story on a PowerPoint presentation I did recently for the Garberville Rotary Club. California Cannabis Voice Humboldt is getting close to have an Ordinance that is a completed document. There is a huge need in Humboldt County to eliminate trespass grows, stop water diversions and use Best Management Practices preserving small Cannabis farms.


Anonymous said...

No ordinance is going to be perfect, or please everyone. But this seems like a good start. If there are shortcomings there is nothing to stop people from advancing a new initiative in the future that would supercede this one. I will, of course, withhold judgement until I see the final text, but I think in general you're on the right track and I applaud the effort.

I do share the concerns about the initiative process circumventing the normal legislative process, but at times this is necessary to get something important done in a timely manner. The normal legislative process, in this case the Board of Supervisors process for passing an ordinance, has just not gotten anywhere. The politicians have had years to address these issues and have not managed to get much of anything it falls to the people to lead where their "leaders" have failed.

Liberal Jon said...

Yes anon, great platitudes, unaccountably, for the wisest path forward?

No. It's a sham and an attempt to circumnavigate legislative and regulatory hurdles that are the for reasons.

One of them is to understand potential cumulative environmental effects. (I hope)