Monday, November 17, 2014

"Dignity Dump" or "Dump with dignity at the Dunes?"

For years I have brought up the fact the there are many homeless that make the trek to the Peninsula to use the dunes as their home. There are no bathroom services for them and you know they have to go somewhere. I have brought this up to Social Services and other agencies through meetings concerning homeless not having a place to go with dignity. I thought it would be a good low cost solution to have even just B & B's at the end of the 255 bridge at the "T" at the end. Seems that was problematic at levels that seem excuses. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Humboldt Bay Harbor decided to surprise me with supplying one on Harbor property near the Cookhouse. For $80 a month we can feel good about doing something positive for the dunes. As long as people treat this with respect and do not vandalize this is a positive move. Now help me with a proper name.


Liberal Jon said...

like, click.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hankeys Humboldt Bay Hilton Heroin House

Fireball waiting to happen

Humboldt Bay Homeless Bath House

Shitter by the Sea, just one of the many crappy homes you will see on the 1st annual homeless home tour of Samoa Dunes Homeless owners association.

Deuce Drop Inn

Samoa Crap House

Another Custom Home By Danco Builders

Poo in the Loo Bed and Breakfast

samoasoftball said...

10:20am-Funny! Here are others from Facebook. Samoa Sandbox. Bums baths and beyond. Dookie Dunes. Richards Bed and Breakfast. Drop Zone. Log Pond. Blue Poo Lagoon. Dune Ditch Device. Dune Depository. Richards Crab Shack. Bowel Function Junction. Logs landing. Cookhouse Commode. Congressional Office. The Dune Dunny. Peninsula Privy.