Sunday, June 08, 2014

Election over. Thank goodness. Campaigns are hard.

The Bass campaign is over and all that is left is picking up the loose ends of a close fought victory. Bass signs are keeping my Marks signs company at my garage until next time. The Kerrigan campaign did a great job and came up just 2 weeks of campaigning short. Kudos for their hard work. Chris was probably the only person in the 4th District that could match up with Virginia's name recognition. So, again, hats off.

Sharon Latour had the best looking signs this election in my opinion. But she was running against a powerhouse in Ryan Sundberg.

I was as shocked as many others were that Maggie Fleming hit the over 50%. Nice positive campaign and many volunteers helping her along the way.

To the many volunteers that helped in the Virginia Bass campaign, my sincere gratitude. Without the over 20 door knockers and probably 40 some odd phone bankers, this campaign would have not been successful.


John Fullerton said...

I too am surprise that Maggie Flemming did so well. I am shocked the turnout was that low in Eureka with two interesting elections to vote on.

Otherwise the elections went about the way I expected.

Anonymous said...

Elan had a bunch of strength in rural Humboldt but all evidence suggests they didn't show up to the polls. Fleming was smart to focus on Eureka where the votes are.All those tribal endorsements and rural support was a waste because they don't vote. Elan spent too much time in Hoopa and Shelter Cove.

Monte Provolt said...

I too am very pleased with the outcome of the election this year.

As a donator and a phone banker, it is nice to see our efforts bare fruit.

It good to see that the voters affirmed the direction the board has been moving.

Richard Salzman said...

Very gracious post Richard!
Congratulations on your victory.
Hope to see you soon for a beer or lunch.