Sunday, December 22, 2013

Virginia Bass saves Animeals!


Anonymous said...

Gee Richard,

If you could post a higher pixel document maybe someone can read the article.

EHS Class of 75

samoasoftball said...

Double click on article or check out:

liberal jon said...

Kudos to Matthew and Virginia all all those able to donate to this cause. Still...

You might mention you are not disinterested on this topic in 2014.

And while we are at it I have other headlines for Senior news (and your post)

Virginia Bass saves kitties single handed
Virginia Bass has a heart! You?
Virginia Bass circles world at light speed reversing time and saving kitten from almost certain death.

Again, this was AWESOME for the Kitties but I am curious when the publicity over a good cause stops and the politics starts. (Also, what about Matthews role poor guy, what does he have to do to get a bone around here?

Anonymous said...

Jeeze Jon, Why do you have to be such an asshole? They helped feed peoples pets, say thank you and leave it at that. What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Good for Virginia. Now if we could find someone with a head for public policy, we could improve the Board of Supervisors.

lj said...

Anon 8:43

It may be jerkish, I grant you that. I did post a full throated thank you and advertisement pre-event for the record.

But it has to be said that Richard is not disinterested - I'll let him explain why if he cares to. Therefore this becomes as much a polical ad as anything else and I think it's fair to point that out.

I would also point out that Supervisor Bass posted this on her campaign's twitter account - something that was all but dormant since the last campaign.

jerkish? maybe political? definitely.