Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December NCRA meeting. Merry X-Mas.

This month the NCRA met in Marin County at Novato. We received an update on the status of a suit by the City of Novato against the NCRA. 99% of issues have been rectified and freight service is ongoing into Sonoma County. Updates were given on NCRA properties at Ukiah Depot and hopefully full clean up and sale is in the near future.

North Western Pacific Co. Operator John Williams reported Barley was successfully trained from Alberta Canada to Petaluma and will be ongoing now. Mr. Williams shared pictures of the 195' wooden bridge being replaced in 10 days with concrete. Right on time. NWPco turnout problems still being addressed by SMART.

Two pending litigation actions were subjects in closed session. One is the Friends of the Eel River vs. NCRA and the other Citizens Against Toxic Substances vs. NCRA. Sorry, can't divulge anymore on those items yet.


Julie Timmons said...

All good news. Thanks Richard,

llj (lazy liberal jon) said...

Here is the onions take on Minnesota's Mathew Owen. Apparently all Matthew Owens are wise beyond their years.


Merry Christmas from the Onion. :)

Rose said...

Merry Christmas, Richard!