Friday, November 08, 2013

Weekly (or weakly) Wiener Report! Humboldt County search for the perfect hot dog venue.

Steve Harris and I decided to search for the best Hot Dog in Humboldt County. We always joke with each other about Costco being the standard, so we were just going to have to see. The first place we went to review was Northtown Dogs and Delights. They are located on Highway 101 just entering Eureka to the left at 2228 4th St. in North Eureka.

1. Hot Dog-They are from Taylor's out of Cave Junction Oregon. Well I just happen to know Taylor's and happen to be a good friend of Taylor's and Northtown, you do not know how to serve a Taylor Hot Dog. I had mine with chili, which was sparse with cheese.  My buddy Steve ordered a Polish Dog with Coney Island mustard. Well a little splash of Coney Island, as they ran out and filled the rest of his dog with regular mustard. Rating: 1 out of  5

2. Condiments-Very limited. Rating: 1 out of  5

3. Ambiance-Card table chairs in a sparsely furnished eating area. No music or TV. Nothing. Rating: 1 out of  5

4. Extras-The cokes were by the cans and limited. No fries or salads, just blah selection of chips. I am not sure what the "Delights" is. Rating: 1 out of 5

5. Parking-Easy in and out but on 101 corridor. Makes it hairy to cross into the lot. Rating: 2 out of 5

Overall rating 1 out of 5

Steve said this would make a great coffee drive thru location. I told him the location had tried that before unsuccessfully. Selection very small. This establishment might not last too long.

Next review: Wolf Dawg Old Town.


Fred Mangels said...

Just noticed the place yesterday after reading about it here. From your description I don't think it will last long, either.

I can't help wonder about the location, though. How many people are going to want to screech to a halt while coming off the highway to go there? I didn't even notice it until I read about it here.

That could be one reason the coffee place didn't last long.

Julie Timmons said...

The only hotdogs I have eaten in Humboldt since childhood are Bob's Footlongs in Fortuna. Flabby, pink hotdogs, inferior in every way. I love 'em. Want one right now.

Anonymous said...

Screeching to a halt, really. Traffic is going maybe 35 by the time you come upon the place.

Christopher Holmquist said...

Nothing ever lasts long in that place. I'll give it a month before it shuts down. I just don't understand why they don't tear down that building.