Monday, November 18, 2013

Another North Coast Rail Authority update. November meeting.

Marin County appointed  J Dietrich Stroeh as a new Director to the NCRA. Former Mayor and City Council Person for the City of Novato. Also on Golden Gate Transportation Authority.

The Redwood Empire Fairgrounds in Ukiah came forward to complain about flooding issues for school rooms they have on the fair grounds that were flooding. They felt there had been a lack of brush clearing in a 650' area of the train track area on their east side.

The clean up on the Ukiah Depot site being done by NWPco looks to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in over runs. The original estimate was $250,000 and now it might take $500,000 to complete. Once the land is deemed clean and cleared for sale the hopes is for a new city hall on the property.

NWPco operator John Williams reported that they had a new contract with Lagunitas in Petaluma for Malt Barley out of Alberta Canada. Around 4 car loads a week.  Other business is predicated on turnouts being repaired by SMART and also the completion of the SMART overall project. NWPco then could provide consistent, regular predictable service. They would also like to extend service north. Mr. Williams says that after 2 and half years of running trains, "We are still considered a start up company."

 An ad hoc committee was created to communicate with SMART. Director Jerry Peters and J Dietrich Stroeh were assigned as they were both from Marin County.

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Julie Timmons said...

Wasn't it Novato that was so stinky about the trains rolling thru their suburban paradise? Doesn't sound like a good development.