Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Operating Engineers Local 3 endorses Richard Marks for Harbor Commissioner!

The Operating Engineers Local 3 Executive Board endorsed my Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation & Conservation District Commission Re-election. Besides a more than kind monetary donation, they also offered phone banks with phone bankers! With literature and public backdrop for the press. I was overwhelmed with their decision. I hope to garner the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Northern California Regional Council next! (I collect retirement from the UBC from past service.)

Plan "B" would be for me not to have an opponent but I am not counting on that.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I wonder when we get all those cranes and money flowing in?

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, you've been harbor commissioner for a while now. I was hoping you could provide a list of your accomplishments. It seems very little has changed with the harbor. What kind of perks are provided by the district for board members? Can you provide an itemized list of your travel at public expense? How many items did you just rubber stamp? I hope you take these questions seriously, since I dont see any of the change we were promised. You rode to the top on a wave on anti-Bonnie, a woman who everyone knows had a long list of specific accomplishments. What has Richard done? What have you done other than move on to another board, and another set of perks and travel allowances?

samoasoftball said...

Little has changed? Much has changed. I have kept my promises. Remember, I am only one of a "team" of 5 Commissioners that have accomplished much these last 3years. We are now maximizing our slip rentals at the Marina and streamlined business in general. I am sure you have heard of our Aquaculture expansion and the addition of many jobs locally. I am part of the budget committee that will present a budget in the black. We have a huge potential project at the old pulp mill site that has potential to add hundreds of jobs to Humboldt County and a bay water trail and bay side trail project on the horizen. We have approved many poject permits that have jobs tied to them.

Perks and travel? I have traveled twice to Sacramento and once to Red Bluff on Harbor business. I wouldn't think that as out of line. I rode a wave of anti-Bonnie? I ran during a special districts election cycle and Bonnie was still in office.

No perks on being on the NCRA. They are pretty much broke. I hope I can help them out of that problem but expect nothing in return. I am a long time unpaid volunteer board member for diverse organizations such as Humboldt Domestic Violence Services, past Director of the Samoa Peninsula Fire District, President of Mad River Softball Association, Associate volunteer member of the Humboldt County Democrats, coach of youth basketball and baseball and past President of Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers local 49. Again, all unpaid volunteer.

So there you go. Anonymous, what have you done for your community? have