Monday, June 10, 2013

Man Assaulted with Chain in Old Town. Humboldt Politics. Welcome back to the Jungle Stevie!

My buddy Steve Harris has just moved back last week to Humboldt County after a 5 year stint of working the San Jose area for the Operating Engineers local 3 Dist. 90. He is now the District Representatve for District 40 and lives in Rio Dell. I let him know Tuesday that I was going before the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to ask for consideration for a board appointment to the North Coast Railroad Authority and it might be contentious. So Steve being the friend he is, showed up and spoke on my behalf. I was honored to be selected. Someone locally was upset about my appointment and called Steve's boss to complain! Not here a few days and I am getting him in trouble. So today we are going to lunch and I turned on A street in Eureka to go to Old Town. Two guys were running in front of my truck and one of the guys was wielding a chain and beating the crap out of some guy who finally just rolled on the ground yelling. Steve (About 6'3" and big build) jumped out of the truck and got between the guys. (The guy with the chain was every bit as big as Steve.) He yelled that he was ripped off by the guy he was beating and jumped on his bike and took off. The victim kept yelling at the guy but made no sense. Welcome back to the Jungle Stevie. Or as Merle would say, "What a hell hole!"

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Anonymous said...

Richard, the development community will turn their back on you if you show any resistance to East West rail. Please do what's right for local job growth, and the employment of our future generations.